Educator, Kelly Ann Guglietti Reveals the Antidote to Bullying in a Speaking Tour

San Antonio, FL, April 20, 2017 --( Kelly Ann Guglietti is an elementary educator in Pasco County, Florida. Through nearly ten years in public education throughout the tri-county Tampa Bay Area, she has sat in on many elementary school anti-bullying campaigns and wondered why bullying is still prevalent in today’s elementary school campuses.

While current anti-bullying programs define what bullying is and encourage students to “tell a grown-up” when they have been bullied, most do not offer any proactive methods to prevent bullying.

Operating under the research done by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center profiling the bullied as those appearing most weak and vulnerable, Kelly Ann offers a literature-based anti-bullying program to bully-proof all children in the pursuit of building a generation of non-bullies. Knowing that bullies act out because of their own vulnerabilities, Kelly Ann’s program serendipitously addresses those as well. Would it not be great to someday be able to explain to children what bullying was, in the same manner we explain what segregation or any other historical concept was?

Kelly Ann’s first book, “The Green Tom” illustrates the silliness of jealousy. Her second book, “The Yellow Sea Lioness” encourages children to discover their own talents and not to judge themselves by the talents of others. Her third book, “The Orange Chihuahua” teaches children that to know their true worth they must be their true selves. A fourth book will complete the anti-bullying series by unraveling the make up of a bully, revealing the effects of bullying on the esteem of others and showing that cooler heads win out in the end. Multi-leveled activity pages are at the end of each book to actively engage children in reflection of their own experiences with each moral.

Kelly Ann is starting a speaking seminar titled, “The Antidote to Bullying: Character Education” for combined districts of elementary school counselors, school superintendents and administrators, curriculum advisors, parent and regional scouting organizations, religious conferences and anti-bullying sponsors. For details on how to schedule a seminar, please go to the “News and Events” page of her website listed below.
Kelly Ann Guglietti, Author
Kelly Ann Guglietti


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