Ken Luber’s New Adventure Story Takes Readers Back in Time

A group of teenagers become unlikely heroes in an engaging new novel released by Dog Ear Publishing. “The Sun Jumpers” received a literary award from the publishing company.

Idyllwild, CA, April 26, 2017 --( When four teenagers in prehistoric times set out on a vision quest, they have no idea that their lives will change forever. Ken Luber’s new book, “The Sun Jumpers,” takes its readers on a journey of discovery and adventure, interwoven with deeper themes of bigotry, relationships between parents and children, and the power of truth. It has earned the Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence.

“The Sun Jumpers” begins 10,000 year ago as the Kishoki, cave-dwelling people, are facing extreme hardship, including starvation. Ty, a headstrong young boy, and Sita, who hopes to become the tribe’s next shaman, as well as two of their friends, Ko and Shum, set off on a quest to find a tribe that seems to be thriving.
They are armed only with a spear, bone knives, their courage and powder Sita received from their shaman. But when Sita creates a potion to save them, the four friends find themselves in mountains near modern-day Los Angeles.

Believing the young people to be a rap group, young filmmaker Darren brings them to his home and shares his love of movies, frozen pizza, skateboarding and the mall. Eventually the dark-skinned prehistoric youths convince him of their true nature, and Darren realizes he must help them find a way back to save their people. Will they make it back in time with a miracle or will Sita’s potion send them to another more dangerous time? Can their courage inspire Darren to stand up against his father and learn how to make his own way in the world?

The book, aimed at youths 11 to 14 years old, is appropriate for readers of all ages. Its unforgettable characters and unique story led to its earning the Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence. The publishing company’s editorial team determines award winners, with the managing editor, editorial services manager and publisher reviewing recommendations. Winning books include the award logo on their covers.

The author, who has been writing all his life, has published two of the four or five novels he has written, and he’s written screenplays for film and television and directed theater, television and movies. Luber has a BA from Ripon College, attended graduate school at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is a graduate Fellow of the American Film Institute in writing and directing.

Luber also wrote “Everybody’s Shadow,” a book of poetry. His first novel, “Match to the Heart,” is available on, e-platforms, and bookstores. He is working on a new novel, “Falling From the Sky,” and is working with a composer on “Esperanza – the Musical of Hope.”

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The Sun Jumpers
Ken Luber
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5046-1 296 pages $16.99. US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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