ISPreview Survey Finds Many Broadband ISP Consumers Ignore Savings from Negotiation

The latest web-based survey of 1,134 readers, a consumer focused broadband ISP information site, has revealed that 43% of respondents in the United Kingdom have never saved money by negotiating a lower price with their Internet provider and the figure rises to 47% for Mobile operators.

London, United Kingdom, April 26, 2017 --( Sometimes the easiest way to cut your broadband and phone bill isn't by switching to a different ISP. Many of the United Kingdom's largest broadband and mobile providers run a dedicated retentions department and if you know what you're doing then often a quick phone call is all it takes to save money.

Despite this, a new online survey of 1,134 readers (conducted between 24th February and 20th April 2017), which is a consumer focused information site for broadband and telecoms issues, has revealed that 43% of respondents claim to have never saved money by negotiating a lower price with their broadband ISP and the figure rises to 47% for Mobile operators.

The study also asked respondents to identify which aspect(s) of trying to negotiate a better deal were most discouraging to them, with 17% pointing to how the exercise can be very "time consuming" and 16% saying they simply disliked speaking to call centres. A full set of responses can be seen below.

What discourages you most from trying to negotiate a better deal?
Nothing - 33%
Time consuming - 17%
Dislike ISP call centres - 16%
Negotiating feels awkward - 16%
Easier to switch ISP - 14%
Fear of failure - 3%
Other fear - 1%

"So many of today's headline deals and discount only focus on attracting new customers, while existing subscribers can easily be left to feel neglected and forced to face a frustrating future of annual price rises, which will often move further and further away from what new users seem to be paying," said's Founder, Mark Jackson.

"However if you're with one of the bigger ISPs and remain happy with their service, albeit perhaps not the ever rising price, then you've certainly nothing to lose by calling the provider and trying for a discount. One call could save you a fair bit of money and a lot of hassle, as opposed to switching ISP every other year," added Jackson.

In keeping with the above has written some quick tips for negotiating with retention departments.

1. Always be polite.

2. Target your call to coincide with a recent price hike or the end of a contract.

3. Highlight your loyalty if you've been with the provider for a few years.

4. Make sure to express some examples of very similar / identical, albeit cheaper, deals from rival ISPs (if you can find them).

5. Highlight any problems you've had with the service in the past.

6. Propose an annual payment option, if it will help to save money, or try to get extras thrown into the deal.

7. Don't get caught out by the "silence trap," where the sales / retentions agent may go quiet in the hope that you'll fill the void by agreeing to something. Let it linger and wait for the other side to speak

8. Get everything in writing afterwards, just in case you have to dispute something at a later date.
Mark Jackson