ABACUS Modeling Tool Certified for ArchiMate 3.0

Avolution’s ABACUS successfully certified for latest version of ArchiMate language and specification.

London, United Kingdom, April 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Avolution continues to provide market-leading support for users of the ArchiMate Open Group standard, announcing today that ABACUS is certified for ArchiMate 3.0.

ABACUS is also certified for the TOGAF 9.1 standard, allowing users to combine ArchiMate modeling with the TOGAF Architecture Development Method.

The ArchiMate modelling language is an Open Group standard used for visualizing, analyzing and describing different architecture domains, supporting IT planning and strategy in large enterprises.

Avolution’s Andrew Lewthwaite said: “Architects who use ArchiMate and TOGAF to provide consistency and structure to their work will be able to rely on complete conformance with these standards, available in ABACUS out-of-the-box. A pre-configured metamodel and set of viewpoints are provided as standard to all ABACUS users, with no additional customization necessary.”

When used in ABACUS, architects can model across the layers and aspects of ArchiMate 3.0. Layers available include Strategy, Business, Application, Technology, Physical and Implementation layers and aspects include Passive Structure, Behaviour, Active Structure and Motivation.

Avolution is sponsoring and exhibiting at this week’s Open Group “Smart Cities” conference in Berlin, and consultants are available to discuss enterprise architecture and IT strategy requirements, using ArchiMate 3.0, TOGAF 9.1 and other frameworks and approaches available from Avolution.

Using ArchiMate in ABACUS provides:
An ArchiMate 3.0 rules validation engine: this provides high confidence levels that models are compliant with ArchiMate 3.0 across views such as diagrams, matrices, charts and catalogues. With the ABACUS validation engine users can run automated checks of constraints in the model.

The ability to combine ArchiMate 3.0 with TOGAF 9.1: to create a rich architectural modelling environment. Users can define their own scope and start modelling with as much of the ArchiMate metamodel as they require.

Customizable views and dashboards: architects can access viewpoints covering all of the ArchiMate 3.0 layers and aspects, and tailor them according to their preferences. Automatic diagram creation and an intuitive dynamic connector available in ABACUS also streamline view creation.

Global collaboration across departments: geographically distributed architecture teams can model efficiently and effectively on premise or in the cloud. Architects can produce deliverables quickly to support swift decision-making.

Change- and impact- analysis: advanced impact analysis and multiple architecture trade-off analysis are available in ABACUS to inform recommendations. These techniques can be used as extensions to the ArchiMate 3.0 Gap and Plateau elements.

Access to powerful algorithms: available in the ABACUS Simulator module which can be run against ArchiMate models to calculate metrics and KPIs and undertake what-if, scenario and trade-off analysis.

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ABACUS is used by companies worldwide to manage enterprise architecture, IT and business strategy and digital transformation. ABACUS users deliver insights and value quickly:
• Import data in minutes from SharePoint, Excel, Visio and other sources
• Choose an off-the-shelf framework or metamodel or configure an enterprise specific meta-model
• Analyze using algorithms and metrics and create future state architectures and roadmaps
• Report with rich visuals including heat maps, treemaps, diagrams, charts and dashboards

ABACUS supports Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience (CX), Solution Architecture (SA), IT Service Management (ITSM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). It is available either on-premise or hosted in the cloud.
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