Higher Ed Tech Experts at KDG are Helping Colleges and Universities Beat the “Summer Melt”

In their latest blog post, the creators of the higher ed inbound marketing tool ReachBright introduce the ways schools can turn acceptance letters into matriculation.

Allentown, PA, April 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Colleges and universities around the nation are experiencing a huge problem: enrollment is at the lowest it’s been in over a decade and yields, or the percentage of students who actually attend the school to which they were accepted, are rapidly following suit.

Students today don’t apply to one school. They apply to five, seven, or perhaps even ten, and they receive acceptance letters back from a decent percentage of them. As a result, they have a very important choice to make by May 1st: Where do they spend their next four years studying? Meanwhile, colleges and universities also have to answer an important question: How do they make sure their school is the one that’s chosen?

To help, KDG is lending a hand in its new blog post. In their post, the creators of the inbound marketing for higher education tool ReachBright outline how colleges and universities can make sure they stay at the top of prospects’ long lists.

“Students are under so much pressure to make the right choice,” says Lynette Wills, KDG’s Director of Client Engagement. “Some even enroll in multiple schools in May, but drop out of them before August when they finally make their decision. This is called the ‘summer melt.’”

Some of the ways KDG tells institutions to prevent this is to commence communication with an accepted student on a deeper level by getting admissions directors, current students, and even faculty members to write them personalized letters and send them individualized emails. For students who have spent well over a year receiving nothing but automated emails and form letters, such direct and custom communications are refreshing.

The blog post also puts an emphasis on qualities other than rankings that schools should turn their attention to, things such as academic reputation, post-graduation job opportunities, and financial aid.

“This late in the process, it’s vital for schools to really show the students how they can help them,” Wills continues.

More about beating the “summer melt” can be found on the most recent post of KDG’s ReachBright Blog: http://blog.reachbright.com/after-the-acceptance-letter-how-to-beat-the-summer-melt/

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