Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing App Development - Results from Exhaustive Research

Promatics Technologies carried out a massive research to find out the top 5 mistakes that should be avoided when outsourcing mobile app development.

New York, NY, April 27, 2017 --( Launching a mobile app is a very busy task. Apart from the technical confrontations one also has to face the usual challenges of building and running a business. So the best way is to outsource the app development to an expert while you can concentrate on getting brand building, funding, press and creating a buzz. Outsourcing gives you flexibility, saves your time and money and leaves you free to concentrate on other things. But the question is how to make sure you are outsourcing your app in the right way?

To undercover the top 5 mistakes while outsourcing Promatics spoke to a number of industry stalwarts, project managers, research houses, technical analysts and developers. This massive survey along with Promatics Technologies’ rich 9 years of experience in outsourcing combined finally revealed the major pitfalls. Promatics found that if a client can take care of the following 5 aspects he will sail home smoothly.

Below are the 5 mistakes which you should avoid when you go for outsourcing app development.

1) Keeping cost as the main factor:- Money factor is always a major reason, but it can’t be only considered while going for app development. There are pros and cons every company has, but you should make sure that company’s developers have great communication skills and understand the objectives of your app. If you hire a freelancer or a company who has just low balled, you have definitely made a mistake. Lack of communication, skills and other work processes might create issues for you and it will mean delays, bugs and friction between both sides. Promatics has seen lot of clients who start with one developer and are then forced to change their developer in the middle of the project, consequentially ramping up costs and causing unnecessary delays.

2) No clarity in process and ideas:- To be precise and clear with your idea is your job. There is no guarantee if an idea is clear in your head it is same with the mobile app development company as well. The reason is everyone has his own perception and mentality. To ensure both parties are at same page get a through SRS document prepared. Ask for wireframes. Deal everything in written with proper agreement so that it doesn’t create problems later on.

3) Different time zones and milestones:- When it comes to time zones one may take it lightly however it can be very crucial. You have to be mentally prepared to take early morning or late evening calls or chats. If you are not aware of the working hours of development team you are heading for disaster. Similarly pre-define the milestones of the project prior to starting it and at each milestone check your programmer’s work. This will avoid serious back-tracking which could delay the product development.

4) Fail to use best management methods:- Management is needed in every situation and so obviously it is needed in this case. While outsourcing app development one needs to be prepared to manage it daily or at least weekly. If you cannot do it yourself assign someone from your company who can review notes and updates on project management tools and reply to emails ASAP. As a thumb rule more the communication and interaction lesser the chances of failure.

5) Quality Assurance: - Software testing, app testing is must after every implementation and feature release. Even great companies make errors, so testing is needed even if the best hackers are writing the codes. Different devices, resolutions and operating systems along with versions need to be taken into account. Make sure that the developer’s location isn’t influencing test results. It’s also important that each bug is discussed separately so that there aren’t any crossovers and confusions about who’s fixing what.

Hope Promatics' research efforts and the findings will guide you to avoid getting into trouble when you outsource your app development to a remote team.

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