Axis Biotec Brazil Innovative, Safe and Efficacious Wound Dressing with IP Rights Approved in 11 Countries, ColzenĀ® Treats Lesions That Are Difficult to Heal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 27, 2017 --( Some wounds can be difficult to heal and the patients affected by them can suffer from infections, pain and other complications. A Brazilian product capable of revolutionizing wound treatment has already had its Intellectual Property (IP) rights approved in Germany, China, Spain, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Switzerland. Manufactured by Silvestre Labs®, of Axis Biotec Group, Colzen® is a 3 in 1 biocompatible wound dressing, composed of calcium alginate, cerium nitrate and type 1 collagen.

With its unique composition, Colzen® offers three benefits in one product. Collagen promotes granulation and wound epithelialization, Alginate controls the exudate forming a gel that guaranties the ideal moisture for the wound bed, and cerium nitrate that controls bacteria.

Colzen® is indicated to burns, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, grafting areas, traumatic and surgical wounds.

“Colzen® also provides convenience of treatment to the patient, as it must be replaced only every 72 hours. In contact with the wound, Colzen® becomes a transparent protective gel, which reduces pain while controlling bacteria and promoting healing cell proliferation in a physiologically humid environment. Colzen® easily molds to the contours of the wound and it may be cut to adjust when necessary,” says Eduardo Cruz, CEO and founder of Silvestre Labs®.

Silvestre Labs® is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in Brazil to perform the translation of scientific research into products that have benefited and continue to benefit thousands of people. His research focuses on cosmetic and dermatological pharmaceuticals.

Axis Biotec is a holding that sponsors and manages research, development and innovative business in health and life sectors. With strong expertise in R&D, and also in sales and marketing, the companies of the group have proven efficient in translating research into innovative products and services.

Several of the companies under Axis Biotec Brasil umbrella are located in the Rio de Janeiro's Biotech Development Park.
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