KeepTruckin Releases Valuable Data on Inspections & Violations

KeepTruckin, the leading ELD manufacturer, has recently released valuable data on inspections and violations that drivers and carriers can use to their advantage.

San Francisco, CA, April 28, 2017 --( Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs can capture a lot of valuable information regarding roadside inspections, violations, driver behavior, etc. Now KeepTruckin has released some of that information - along with valuable insights - that can help fleet managers and drivers avoid violations.

The data includes a wide variety of information and is divided into four different sections:

Level-1 inspections by cargo types

How violations vary in different states of America

Most common types of violations

The time duration in which most inspections happen

The first set of data reveals that the probability of getting a level-1 inspection significantly depends on the cargo type drivers are carrying. For instance, driveaway-towaway vehicles get the higher numbers of level-1 inspections. Fresh produce, chemicals, and household goods are other cargo types that also get a lot of level-1 inspections.

Shoaib Makani, the CEO and Founder of KeepTruckin, shared his thoughts on this information: “Nobody actually notices it, but the fact is that certain cargo types do get a lot more Level-1 inspections. There can be many factors at play, but we analyzed all data from 2016, and a few categories kept coming on top. We hope fleets can use this information to maintain smoother operations and prepare their vehicles for Level-1 inspections.”

The KeepTruckin data also revealed that strictness and violations vary in different states. States such as Connecticut, Idaho, and Louisiana get the highest number of HOS violations. On the other hand, drivers in Mississippi, South Dakota, and Massachusetts get the least number of violations.

According to Shoaib Makani, “Violations are a big problem for fleets and CMV drivers. With our data, we found that different states may have varying degrees of strictness. And if you are operating in states like Connecticut, Idaho, and Louisiana, you need to be more vigilant. Having proper tracking systems and electronic logs in place can help fleets and drivers prevent violations.”

Other than this, KeepTruckin’s data also released information about the most common types of violations that drivers face when they are on the road. The idea is that drivers are more likely to avoid violations and hefty fines if they know which types of violations are recorded the most.

Additionally, KeepTruckin’s data also revealed the time duration in which most of the inspections happen. According to the insights by KeepTruckin, more than 50% inspections happen within a brief 6-hour window.

For more details and in-depth insights into KeepTruckin’s data, read Analyzing KeepTruckin Data: 4 Valuable Insights for Drivers & Fleet Managers.

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