Eco Marine Power and Strategic Partners to Offer Renewable Energy Solutions for Offshore Applications

Marine solar power, batteries, mounting frames and computer systems to be customized for jack-up rigs and offshore platforms.

Fukuoka, Japan, May 01, 2017 --( As part of an ongoing strategy to bring renewable energy solutions to the maritime sector, Eco Marine Power (EMP) along with its strategic partners will jointly offer products and solutions for offshore applications including offshore wind platforms, oil rigs and jack-up systems. These products and solutions will incorporate marine solar power, batteries, integrated monitoring systems and engineering and design services.

Batteries approved for marine use will be supplied in co-operation with The Furukawa Battery Company and initially include the Furukawa Cycle Power (FCP) and Ultra Battery (UB) series. Both these battery series are based upon Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology and have proven to be reliable, safe, cost effective and are over 90% recyclable. UB-50-12 batteries have been recently selected by EMP for a marine solar power demonstration system at the Onomichi Marine Tech Test Center.

For offshore marine solutions, Teramoto Iron Works will provide marine grade frames for solar panels and batteries plus assist with engineering design. These products can also be combined with its TM-600 jack-up system – an offshore jack-up rig system suitable for offshore wind platforms. The hydraulic cylinders used by the TM-600 each have a lifting capacity of 600 ton with a 4 cylinder system having a total lifting capacity of 2400 ton.

Additionally EMP will promote its Aquarius Marine Solar Power package to companies operating within the offshore sector including shipyards, offshore platform operators and rig owners. This package can also include the Aquarius Management and Automation System which is supplied in co-operation with KEI System Ltd and low power consumption LED lighting.

EMP, Teramoto Iron Works, The Furukawa Battery Company and KEI System will present their expanded range of products and solutions during IMPA Singapore on the 11th & 12th May, 2017.

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