Huntasale App (Pakistan's First Sale-Hunting App Made in Collaboration with Students of National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan)

HuntaSale (Website:, Google Play Store: is Pakistan's first sale-hunting app. Its users are ensured to never miss a deal from their favourite stores again. HuntaSale allows its customers to view hundreds of shopping deals and thus hunt their favorite deals right on time. A registered user can also contribute to add deals and set alerts for their favorite stores. Sale hunting has never been easier.

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 04, 2017 --( Sales promotion is one of the most basic marketing strategies used by companies to enhance sales volume and market share. However, the success of sales hinges on customer turnout; hence, advertising is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Businesses from all over the world have figured out the importance of this component of marketing and have taken to using all sorts of medium such as billboards, internet advertising (using email & social media campaigns) TV and radio commercials to inform their customers of the various sales promotions being done. Recently, a number of businesses have also started launching their apps to facilitate their customers.

The costs associated with these mediums are tremendous and unaffordable by many small businesses, rendering them unable to inform their customers and, hence, go unnoticed. To address this issue, a web and mobile app based platform, called HuntaSale, has been developed where the businesses can share their sale promotions free of cost or pay a very nominal fee for a banner post. Moreover, the app’s users have the flexibility to choose the stores and brands of their choice for which they are interested to know about the promotions. This is the first sale-hunting app in Pakistan with close to 500 downloads on Play Store.

Although this app has a number of competitors, what differentiates it is its focus on only informing the users about sales of businesses. This does not involve acquiring customized deals or coupons for its platform. The deals can be picked up from online resources (email or social media forums), or entered by the businesses themselves or even shared by the users of the HuntaSale platform. Other applications charge a much higher fee from the businesses they are promoting whereas HuntaSale’s focus is on advertising for a very small fee to accommodate the businesses.

This app enjoys a number of strengths including its very friendly interface for which it has received quite a lot of positive feedback. The backdrop of white against the red simple red buttons makes it easy to use.

HuntaSale has been developed with the help of professional developers from an industrial partner, Aptolution Inc. as well as engineering students of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, business students from NUST are helping HuntaSale’s team promote its app on various social media platforms such as Facebook (, Instagram (@huntasale1), and Twitter (

The app’s design is quite innovative with the use of the color red to attract the users with a contrast of white so that the interface goes easy on the eye.

HuntaSale enjoys a number of features including:
- Sales: of stores from all over Pakistan
- Save: money, time as well as the environment by going paperless to promote their deals
- Search: for all the latest deals
- Post: as the users, as well as businesses, deals/sales to the app’s database to benefit everyone
- Get: notifications for every new deal and sale
- Win: contests held on the app and earn coins

The app is free for users and its advertising pricing is, as mentioned before, way less than that offered by other apps and marketing mediums. To promote deals in the app’s various sections such as apparel, restaurant, beauty & wellness and groceries, businesses can pay as low as PKR. 3000/month whereas to promote their deals on the top banner situated on the main user interface, businesses can pay PKR. 5000/month. If the businesses want to pay even less, they can opt to put their deals in the list of businesses in each category which can be reached by clicking the “more” button at the right-hand side of each section. This will cost them PKR. 2000/month.

HuntaSale hopes to provide an advertising medium to small businesses such as grocery stores, chemists, parlors and construction companies in Pakistan. To know more about the app, interested people may visit the webpage or download the Android version of the app through Play Store at
Osman Hassan