Electro Standards Intro's RoHS 2 Compliant Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Traffic Monitor Port That Uses Plastic Optical Fiber to Regenerate and Extend Data Signals

The Model 4154 POF Fiber Repeater allows interference-free fiber optical transfer of data to be regenerated and it's range extended.

Cranston, RI, May 04, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The RoHS 2 Compliant Fiber 232® Model 4154 POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) Fiber Optic Repeater with RS232 Traffic Monitor port is used to regenerate data signals in order to extend the range between optically linked Video Lottery Terminals, Gaming Machines, or other such networks. The Model 4154 provides link distance of greater than 500 meters (1640 feet) with 2.00 mm Hard Clad Silicon fiber cable. It also has the capability to monitor network traffic via the RS232 Monitor Port and provides full galvanic isolation (no metallic connection) between fiber ports and the RS232 monitor port. The fiber optic communication standard also allows data transmission that is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields. Additionally, the RS232 monitor port is protected from damage by potential differences (ground variations) that often exist between them.

The Model 4154 features Plastic Fiber connections via two standard Versatile Link connectors. This unit is also provided with an external wall-mount power supply that is UL approved. The Model 4154 is also RoHS 2 Compliant. This Fiber Optic Repeater has been field-proven to support various VLT and Gaming Network applications in Casinos all over the world. This unit is also offered on our GSA Schedule, Contract#GS-35F-0286V with favorable pricing and shipping terms for municipalities and government purchasers.

For pricing and other information about the Model 4154, visit the product web page at https://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=1809 Or contact the company's technical sales team at 401-943-1164, or eslab@electrostandards.com.

Electro Standards Laboratories also manufactures Fiber Optic Converters, Fiber Optic and Versatile Link Cables, Fiber Switches and More, many of which are also available on our GSA Schedule.

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