Worldwide Rail Journeys Has Gone 100% Digital

Over the years, Worldwide Rail Journeys (WRJ) has been privileged to bring the best in Indian luxury rail travel experience to the world.

Noida, India, May 05, 2017 --( Over the years, Worldwide Rail Journeys (WRJ) has been privileged to bring the best in Indian luxury rail travel experience to the world. It has been successful in adding allure and charm to one of the most unique travel experiences in the world. For its efforts, it has been recognized with the Best Rail Tour Operator award in India for successive years. At its helm is Mr. Manish Saini, who is himself a much-awarded entrepreneur. Under his able leadership Worldwide Rail Journeys has taken giant strides towards being fully compatible with the emerging digital landscape in the industry.

The Prime Minister of India has made the inspiring call for digitizing India. To make his vision a reality for travel and tourism industry, Worldwide Rail Journeys is proud to announce its complete transformation into a digitally powered, luxury train booking service. It’s another feather in the throne for the largest General Sales Agent (GSA) and the No. 1 Rail Tour Operator of India. Its commitment to make Indian luxury train booking and travel a better experience is now backed by complete ease offered by digital technologies.

The Maharajas’ Express, the Palace on Wheels, the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, the Deccan Odyssey and the Golden Chariot all have WRJ as their GSA. Right from booking to taking back beautiful memories on board these trains, the world’s most luxurious rail travel experience has gone 100% digital.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Manish Saini, Managing Director of WRJ said, “We have introduced digital processes to our Indian luxury train booking processes. It is in keeping with the Prime Minister’s call for digitization. Now, anyone, anywhere in the world can visit our website, find information they need, pick dates for booking any of the Indian luxury trains, make reservations, make payments, receive confirmation and become a part of the global WRJ family.”

WRJ is perhaps the only one of its kind, international luxury rail travel agency, offering global travelers such a facility to book online, for travel on any of the Indian luxury trains. The processes are bound to become traveler friendly with this thrust towards digitization. WRJ recognizes digitization, not merely as a fact of life, but an opportunity to make luxury rail travel experience even more enticing and approachable.

A passage to Indian luxury trains was a lengthy process prior to digitization. One had to find information, visit a local representative, make payments by Cheque or Credit Card, and wait for the confirmation. Digitization of WRJ has changed all this and booking can now be completed in as little as five minutes, using a desktop/laptop or a mobile device.

Digitization of the booking process on WRJ has two distinct channels. There is a B2C channel for people who wish to book directly. The other is a B2B channel for WRJ’s partners across the world. Anyone can register, create an account, log in and find information, ask for and receive clarification, book and make payment.

Cancellations, changes to booking dates and refunds are set to be just as easy and all transactions are going to be routed through secured servers. Registration will also enable one to receive updates, informative newsletters and benefits such as loyalty cards. Besides, if there is any change in schedule, clients will receive advance intimation.

Mr. Manish Saini concluded with an announcement that’s sure to excite travel aficionados. He said, “On this occasion I would also like to announce that WRJ is planning to introduce a new concept of luxury train travel at an affordable price. We are finalizing details. This concept will make luxury train travel available to those in the middle class, at much lower prices.”

About Worldwide Rail Journeys

Worldwide Rail Journeys (WRJ) are the largest General Sales Agent (GSA) and the No. 1 Rail Tour Operator of India recognized by various state corporations and GSA of all luxury trains namely world renowned Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey and PSA-IA of Maharajas Express. The company is also affiliated with IATO, ASTA India, JATA and Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

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