Out with the Generic Look and in with the Customised Approach

Brisbane, Australia, May 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Shirt Studio Corporate, a high-end Australian custom uniform company, has launched a brand new custom program where corporates can now custom design their uniform fabric creating a uniform concept unique to their business.

The new service allows corporate companies, of all sizes, to create their own fabric design and apply it to their staff uniforms, whether it be shirts or jackets. What makes it even more unique is that this product, usually only accessible by companies producing in the thousands, is now readily available for companies ordering quantities smaller than their national and international competitors.

In an ever-increasing business environment, the need to stand out and build a first-class brand has become imperative and companies are using all brand touch points to communicate their business message, including staff uniforms.

Shirt Studio Corporate CEO, Anoop Anchal said that the corporate markets’ need for a custom uniform has increased significantly with most companies dissatisfied with the over saturated uniform market providing ‘generic’ catalogue products.

“Custom branded uniforms are not a new concept for the massive international brands. The recent demand has mostly come from the medium to large size companies that once upon a time didn’t think company branded uniforms were important or perhaps didn’t have access to these products,” saidMr Anchal.

“As a custom uniform company, it made sense for us to take our customization to the next level and offer our clients a boutique service where they work with our in-house design team, to create a fabric unique to their company,” said Mr Anchal.

“Our custom design service is across all fabrics and products – pure cotton and cotton polyester blended shirt fabrics, chiffon or viscose fabrics for blouses and even suiting fabrics,” Mr Anchal said.

The new product offerings are innovative and disrupting the industry by challenging business to really think about why they are implementing a new uniform and encouraging them to really consider the value of a customized approach over a "generic" approach.

With access to several fabric mills around the world there, Shirt Studio Corporate, is well placed to create unique designs, access a wide range of fabric compositions and qualities - all for relatively small quantities.

“To participate in the custom fabric program, overall quantities needn’t be in the thousands and for this reason the program is very accessible to many medium size companies,” said Anoop Anchal.

Mr Anchal stated that with social media and digital technologies moving at a rapid pace, the platforms for marketing a company are opening and competition is fierce. Brands are everywhere.

“More time and money is being invested into branding and a custom uniform approach has begun to play a significant role in building a brand,” said Mr Anchal.

“A corporate team is often the first personal touch point for a company and having team members represent the brand appropriately is essential,” Mr Anchal said.

The recent shift has seen companies in industries that typically wouldn’t be in uniform, looking to create their own uniform brand. Growth industries this year have included property and construction, automotive, insurance, and HR and employment agencies.

“Our custom program means that we work with our clients to understand their brand and come up with a uniform concept unique to their company,” Mr Anchal said.

“And in some cases creating a fabric unique to their brand is a wise investment,” Mr Anchal said.

About Shirt Studio Corporate
Catering for small boutique companies right through to larger corporations and franchises, Shirt Studio Corporate has an extensive range of uniform products to suit most corporate environments. Corporate dressing has changed so much in the past few years and there is a place for the 'traditional' corporate dressing as well as an opportunity to 'dress down' the corporate look. Blending the two is where we work best - understanding a client’s need and creating a unique uniform for their company is what excites Shirt Studio Corporate most.
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