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You're having a dental emergency and you're stuck trying to find a good dentist. This scenario is one that should be avoided. It is important to know who to call and what to do before you have an emergency. Dr. Michael Kezian, a dentist at Larchmont Dental Associates, explains different emergency cases and how to go about them.

Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 2017 --( What should you do if you’re at home and have a dental emergency? Depending on the type of emergency you’re experiencing, there can be many things you can do to alleviate the pain. Remain calm. Staying calm will help you handle your emergency more efficiently. Some at home remedies to ease pain until a dental professional can see you are gargling with warm salt water to reduce swelling, swishing your mouth with peroxide to help kill bacteria and flossing is also a great way to remove debris and food stuck in between restorations and gum tissue.

There are different types of cases, some that are considered emergencies, while others can be taken care of at home until a dentist can see you.

Non urgent dental emergencies include lost fillings, crowns and dental bridges, broken or cracked teeth that are not causing you severe pain, food trapped between teeth, dull toothache and broken or damaged retainer, night-guard or prosthesis. Urgent dental emergencies include bleeding that doesn’t stop, loose and knocked out permanent teeth, an injured or dislocated jaw, painful swelling, and a painful toothache that doesn’t let you sleep or function.

If you’ve knocked out your tooth, Dr. Michael Kezian recommends immediately placing the tooth in a glass of milk. This way, you can keep the tooth alive until an Emergency Dentist Los Angeles sees you. If you’re experiencing pain related to the gums and see an abscess that looks red, clear, white or yellow, do not pop or drain it. Let your Larchmont Dentist do that for you. Make sure you schedule an appointment with Larchmont Dental Associates if this is the case. If you’re having a tooth ache, use the 3-3-3 method: taking three Motrin’s or Advil’s (600 mg total) three times a day for three days until your dental visit.

Whatever the case, whether it is considered an emergency or not, it is always good to call your emergency dentist and explain your situation over the phone. This way, you will receive proper guidance in what to do and how to do it. Call Larchmont Dental Associates to find out more about dental emergencies.

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