Unique, One of a Kind Kitchen Display System (KDS) Launches at the NRA in Chicago

Nirvana XP, an Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform Launches One of a Kind Kitchen Display System at National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show in Chicago.

Chicago, IL, May 21, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Nirvana XP, an enterprise restaurant management platform, will announce its one-of-a-kind Kitchen Display System at Booth #6964 at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show (May 20-23) in Chicago.

Nirvana XP founder & CEO, Kris Parikh said, “This is our third year attending the NRA Show, and we are very excited to showcase many of our new applications, including the Kitchen Display System (KDS). The KDS sends all orders, irrespective of source, directly to the kitchen, thereby eliminating inaccuracies and paper trail.”

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 62% of diners cited inaccurate orders as a major complaint.

“Inaccurate orders are very common in the industry, and well-meaning restaurants end up at the receiving end of this consumer gripe, which makes them lose customers. There is a huge cost associated with redoing the order, you’re losing productivity, time, money, and customers, while increasing food waste,” Kris said.

Unlike most other Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) in the market that tracks by orders, Nirvana XP’s KDS can track by line items. This gives restaurant operators and managers another layer of Business Intelligence regarding the time taken to complete specific line items.

“Our KDS offers you a significant level of insight, which allows restaurants to fix service issues and bottlenecks that exist in the Back of house operations. This is huge,” Kris added.

Nirvana XP’s KDS doesn’t need any heavy, expensive equipment.

“All you need is a screen and an internet browser, and you will be set up within minutes. It is exactly how technology should be: simple, easy to use affordable, and yet, sophisticated and powerful,” Kris added.

The KDS seamlessly syncs with multiple channels, including self-service kiosks, mobile app, and online ordering, making sure the back of house and front of the house are working in harmony.

Nirvana XP is also rolling out their inventory management system to support their supply chain.

About Nirvana XP

Nirvana XPTM is an Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform, a truly intuitive, single, mobile application platform for all your business needs. It brings multiple applications onto one simplified platform. Founder Kris Parikh developed a quick, intuitive, truly integrated, and secure mobile application platform by combining cloud-based technology and mobility. Nirvana XP offers an all-in-one, feature-rich, fully customizable, and affordable solution for business owners with integrated order management and performance, streamlined inventory tracking, customer relationship management, and real-time cloud reporting.
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Geetika Sahni
Nirvana XP are at Booth #6964 at the National Restaurant Association Show 2017 and can schedule an interview with the founder and team.