New Health Book Series

The first book of a new health book series being published by Loving Healing Press is the fourth book by author Alan Smith.

Plano, TX, May 26, 2017 --( Loving Healing Press just published “101 Ways To Improve Your Health With Body Work: Your Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies,” the fourth book from author Alan Smith. It is the first release of a new, three-book series examining the world of CAM. Designed for people interested in learning about the field of body therapies with short, to-the-point listings, the book capitalizes on current publishing trends.

According to the author, Alan Smith, “My publisher believes that smaller books that are more focused on a particular subject are the hot new trend for readers. This is the first in the series that will look at the world of complementary and alternative medicine through the filters of body, mind and spirit/energy therapies. We’ve started with body therapies because I think most people can easily understand and appreciate them.”

A sample of the book taken from the introduction explains the book's premise:

"This book is all about hope. From ancient healing therapies to the latest American innovations, you have more options for great health today than ever before. Complementary and alternative therapies, known as CAM, are about more than just improving your health. These therapies are about helping you rediscover the joy, the wonder and the beauty of living.

"Perhaps the aches and pains that caused you to stumble are caused from your body being out of alignment in some way so it’s a body issue. Maybe an emotional issue or traumatic life experience is seeking resolution by expressing itself through the body, so it could be a mind issue. Or your life force energy could be blocked in some way resulting in a physical problem so it could be a spirit or energy issue.

"In this guide you’ll find information new and old and begin to see patterns between therapies that are consistent through thousands of years and across civilizations around the world. The most basic concept is that you are the sum of your Mind-Body-Spirit. Your parts cannot be disconnected so a problem in one area can mean problems in all areas. Holistic (or whole-istic) therapies are effective because they address all of you. Many of these complementary and alternative therapies work to prevent problems or correct them as soon as possible to prevent them from growing into serious issues. This is a very different approach from medicine in America today which is based on fee-for-service.

"Once you start talking with friends and family about these new options it seems like everybody knows somebody who’s experienced success, sometimes miraculous success, with a complementary or alternative therapy. While writing this book, I’ve been amazed at the stories from friends and yet we still seem to talk about CAM in whispers, as if it’s something normal people don’t discuss in public. I hope this book brings complementary and alternative therapies out of the shadows and into the light of day so more people can discover a healthier, happier new life."

Earlier works by the same author include “How To UnBreak Your Health” which is now in its second edition and an e-novella entitled “Susan’s Search.” All of Smith’s books can be found on
UnBreak Your Health
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