Ant Removal and Control Experts Family Pest Control Explain Common Ant Entry Points Around the Home

San Antonio, TX-based leaders for ant removal and control, Family Pest Control are now working with local families to help them identify common ant entry points in the home. The company’s latest campaign is designed to highlight how best to protect properties from ant infestation and how to mitigate the danger of the infestation within the home for the coming years.

San Antonio, TX, May 26, 2017 --( Their team is available around the clock to offer local families guidance on their ant removal and control requirements.

Traveling in their hundreds, sometimes thousands, ants can quickly find their way into the average family home. They use small gaps in siding and cracks in windows and doors to enter properties. Upon entry, they then seek out food and nesting elements to protect their colonies. The team at Family Pest Control is now offering guidance on how to spot common ant entry points in the home.

Family Pest Control advises homeowners to look for broken siding areas as this is a clear way in which ants can enter the family home. Homeowners are also advised to seal cracked piping and cabling around the home, as this is another area ants will use to make their entry into the property. Once the ants are inside, it’s recommended homeowners turn to a specialist ant removal and control team to identify the problem and then ensure the entire colony and the nest are removed.

The team at Family Pest Control are offering expert guidance for the removal and control of ant colonies across the family home. To discover more on the company and their work, please contact their team now at 210-681-5094 or visit their business website at
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