Interactive Storybook "Guardian Guardian" by Polished Play Now Available on the Apple App Store

Available today from Polished Play, LLC, the app "Garden Guardian" is the third installment of the Puppet Pals Storybook series. The series is notable for its use of photographs of your kids faces as protagonists in the stories. Each book allows users to add up to 10 facial expressions which are then used to animate the action of the book.

Layton, UT, May 26, 2017 --( Polished Play, LLC has today released a new interactive book: Garden Guardian.

This app is available for iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store.

Garden Guardian is a unique book because it allows the user to take multiple pictures of themselves as they make varied facial expressions. The user then becomes the main character of the book and the facial expressions are animated into the story.

In Garden Guardian, your child becomes a magical garden protector and saves the day! Along the way, children protect and raise a baby caterpillar through the stages of metamorphosis. The child can become the main character, while an adult can become General Ladybug! Kids and parents alike love the customizable, interactive Puppet Pals Storybooks.

Polished Play has long been innovating in the children's app space. Their Puppet Pals apps have delighted children for years.

Garden Guardian is a welcome addition to the previous storybook entries: Commander Amazing and Centaur Quest
Polished Play, LLC
Heber Sheffield