IA-3118-E: High Power @ High Voltage Monitoring & Control

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the new Intelligent-Appliance Ethernet Relay controller, IA-3118-E, designed to Monitor and Control high power, high voltage tasks.

Houston, TX, May 31, 2017 --( This new device features 16 optically isolated digital inputs, set to monitor AC voltage in the range of 90CAC to 277VAC, and a DC voltage of 24VDC.

All inputs are isolated both between the input point to the internal circuits, as well as between the different input sources themselves. There is an additional version of the IA-3118-E device that is designed to handle DC input voltage in the range of 5VDC to 48VDC.

In addition to the isolation, all inputs include an adjustable digital filter, to allow device operation in an extremely noisy environment.

The new IA-3118-E includes 16 SPDT power relays, with a contact rating of 16Amp and Voltage Suppressors on each, in order to prevent electromagnetic noise and to extend the relays’ lifespan.

The new device has an Ethernet interface with an IP address enabling both local and Internet networking, as well as local expansion, allowing sharing other devices with the same IP address.

Another IA-3118 device version, includes an isolated USB interface (instead of an Ethernet interface), and may be used as local expansion devices. The isolated interface ensures that the host computer is isolated from the production floor, thus improves performance both in terms of noise resistance and ground-loop prevention.

The new device features two Watchdog circuit levels. The basic level, ensures an operation under exceptional noise environment, while the system level circuit, allows the user to configure the device behavior following an extreme case, such as Host or Communication failure. A recurring cycle is possible too, defined and configured by the user.

The IA-3118-E software support includes a DLL for the Microsoft development environment,, instant launch and check-in routines including tracking of ports, simple mouse operation, and a command line operation, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the device's set of commands, and open-source examples for immediate operation in the development environment.
Gale Wenger