New at Online-Devices: IA-2124-E: A New Web Controlled, Multi-performance Digital I/O Module

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the newest addition to its stock - the new Intelligent-Appliance digital I/O module, the IA-2124-E featuring expanded features in order to enhance its dialog efficiency and produce width- controlled pulses. - June 17, 2020

Online-Devices Announces New IA-3125-U2i: Over-Current Protection on All Solid-State Outputs

Intelligent-Appliance 48-ch Digital I/O Controller, IA-3125-U2i, features pre settable ON time operation period on its Solid-State Relays in addition to random operation as well as Over-Current Protection on all its Solid-State Relays outputs. - June 15, 2020

New at IA-2668-E - Ethernet Controlled & Ready to Go is excited with the newest Intelligent-Appliance Ethernet controlled edition to our stock. - November 20, 2019

A New Tiny 8-ch Dry-Contact I/O Device is Now Available at Online-Devices: IA-1214-U

A new enhanced 8-ch Dry-Contact I/O device designed by Intelligent Appliance, is now available for purchase on - November 06, 2019

8-ch "Dry-Contact" Tiny USB I/O Device, 4-ch Relay, 4-ch Input

The tiny multipurpose I/O device, that includes Dry-Contact I/O, 4 channels Dry-Contact inputs and enhanced Relays output with both Normally Open and Normally Close contacts on each channel, tiny sized, easy mounted, USB powered and controlled. - June 23, 2019

IA-3155-E: A New ATE Building Block

A new industrial relay controller designed for controlling automated testing equipment (ATE) was announced lately, and is now available on - August 29, 2018

IA-3134-U2i-P Same Powerful Rich Feature Solution, Compact & Space Saving

Online-Devices presenting a new, space saving solution from Intelligent-Appliance. - July 07, 2018

New Industrial Grade, 48 Channel, Isolated USB Relay Controller

Online-Devices announces the newest in its product line: A digital I/O industrial controller IA-3217S-U2i, by Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems. - May 05, 2018

New Industrial Grade, Cost-Effective, RS-485 Relay Controller

Online-Devices announces a new Industrial Grade, cost effective Relay Controller – the IA-2216-5 by Intelligent-Appliance, a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay modules, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems. - March 21, 2018

Online Devices Now Carries New 64/32/16 Channels - Single/Dual/Quad Line - Relay Multiplexer: User-Friendly and Intuitive

A new Industrial Relay Multiplexer board by Intelligent-Appliance announced today - the IA-3133-BEP module. This multiplexer is the long-waited ethernet controlled version of the successful USB controlled multiplexer - IA-3133-U2i. The new ethernet controlled version functionality is completely compatible with the original USB controlled version, with an additional ability to handle 64x1 channels. - January 24, 2018

New Approach to Wiring Industrial Relay Controllers, Extendable and Compact - Find It on Online Devices' Website

The wiring has been an issue when using relay boards. IA-3172-U2i-P introduces a new approach to this issue in order to create a "wiring-friendly" solution. - January 23, 2018

Long Distance, CAT5 Wired, Dry-Contact I/O, Peer to Peer Ready

Intelligent-Appliance announced a new I/O device, IA-3886-5, featuring 8 Isolated Digital Inputs and 8 Relays, making the use of Cat5 easy wiring both for powering and communication purposes, and is capable of maintaining a secured operation through a distance of over 1KM. - July 18, 2017

New Flexible Electronic Testing and Measurement Equipment

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the new 96-ch highly featured Digital I/O device by Intelligent Appliance, IA-2660-E. - June 15, 2017

IA-3118-E: High Power @ High Voltage Monitoring & Control

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the new Intelligent-Appliance Ethernet Relay controller, IA-3118-E, designed to Monitor and Control high power, high voltage tasks. - May 31, 2017

Extendable and Compact: 64 Relay High Voltage Controller

Online-Devices is pleased to announce the new USB/TCP industrial controller series from Intelligent-Appliance. These new controllers include 32, 48 or 64 relays, of up to 277 VAC @ 10 Amp. - December 08, 2016

Online-Devices Announces New Ethernet Relay Board Includes 48 Power Relays and Local Expansion Capability from Intelligent-Appliance

Online-Devices announced an Intelligent-Appliance new Industrial Relay board supporting 48 Power Relays and a local expansion capability of handling hundreds of relays through a single IP port. This latest addition to Intelligent-Appliance Power Relay Controllers, the IA-3152-E, is TCP/IP... - December 06, 2016

IA-2600 Series: 96-ch Digital I/O Modules Capable of Handling Voltage Range Between 3.3 to 30VDC

Online-Devices announces the new IA-2600 Industrial Digital I/O Module Series by Intelligent-Appliance features 96 Digital lines in the range of 3.3V up to 30VDC, controlled by an isolated USB port or by an Ethernet IP port. - December 06, 2016

New Digital I/O Controller: Variable Width Pulse Command and Over-Current Protection on All Outputs

Intelligent-Appliance, a leading company in smart Industrial Data Acquisition and Control announced a new 48-ch Digital I/O Controller (IA-3125-U2i) with Variable width pulse command and Over-Current Protection on all outputs. - August 03, 2016

Web Relay Controller Capable of Handling Hundreds of Relays Simultaneously

Intelligent appliance is please to announce a new Web controlled 32-ch DPDT Relay Controller (IA-3174-E), designed for industrial automation applications and can be controlled from anywhere. - August 03, 2016

New TCP/IP Communication & Digital Protected I/O Device

Intelligent Appliances announces new TCP/IP Communication & Digital Protected I/O Device (IA-3310-E) - Industrial Grade TCP/IP Relay Controller and Remote Digital Status monitor designed to operate on factory floor in harsh and noisy EMI/RFI Environment. - July 15, 2016

Web Controlled 32-ch DPDT Relay Controller

Online-Devices, The global source for quality industrial automation solution on the web, is happy to announce of New 32ch DPDT Relay Controller, IA-3174-E, manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance. - April 21, 2016

New 48-Ch Digital I/O Controller with a Positive Logic and Over-Current Protection on All Outputs

Online-Devices have announced a new 48-ch Digital I/O Controller with a Positive Logic and Over-Current Protection on all outputs. Manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance, a leading company in smart Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, which gives a very strong performance, and uncompromising... - November 12, 2015

New Web Controlled Module Includes 16-ch Relay, 16-ch Isolated Digital Input, 8-ch Analog Input and 2 Event Counters

Online-devices, leader distributor of high quality industrial Automation products, happy to present Intelligent-Appliance new Multi-Function TCP/IP Controller card, the IA-3116-EA8-P that includes Relays, Isolated Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Event Counters, Digital Filter, Auto Report on Input State Change and more. - August 11, 2015

Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial 96-ch TTL/LVTTL/30VDC Digital Input Controller with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface

Ethernet relay board IA-2661-E is equipped with LAN (TCP/IP) interface firmware that enables control over a single board or group of boards at once to facilitate efficient computer control via Ethernet, local network, or wireless network. Assigned with IP address, board can be controlled and monitored via included software utility or open source code software examples. Self-contained solution includes onboard pluggable screw terminal blocks, Ethernet port, and local MCU. - July 15, 2015

Online-Devices Announces the New IA-3131-E TCP/IP 32-ch Relay Card is CE FCC Approved

The IA-3131-E is an Industrial 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Relay board that includes a TCP/IP port and 32 Relays. - February 20, 2015

Online-Devices Announced New Tiny, Peer-to-Peer Solution, IP Based

Intelligent-Appliance has announced a new Stand-alone Peer-to-Peer solution, IA-3721-E, in a small footprint, that is Ethernet (IP) controlled. The IA-3721-E is of 2x3” Board size. It includes two relays, two Digital Inputs, Ethernet Port and a built in Peer-to-Peer function with a... - December 18, 2014

Online-Devices Announces New Industrial IP Controlled, Tiny 32-Ch Solid-State Relays Control Card

IP Controlled, Tiny 32-ch Solid-State Relays Control card, provides 1Amp on each output, fully protected, aimed at Inductive Loads and Resistive ones. - September 09, 2014

Online-Devices Announce New Industrial 32-ch Digital Filtered Inputs, USB Auto Reports

New Industrial 32-ch Digital Input module is Digitally Filtered and Auto Reports on input changes. - August 12, 2014

Online-Devices Announces New Industrial 96-ch Digital I/O, USB Controlled

IA-2662-UiT, New 96-ch Digital I/O module includes onboard Pluggable Screw Terminal Blocks, providing an efficient, small footprint ready solution at a remarkable cost/performance. - July 30, 2014

Online-Devices New Mini Industrial Relay Controller

Online-Devices, the professional, high technology online provider, specializing in high quality industrial communication, Data Acquisition I/O modules and USB Relay Controllers, announces the new Mini Industrial Relay Controller Line with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface. - July 28, 2014

Online-Devices is Announcing a New Plug and Play Industrial Grade Power Relay Board

Online-Devices is announcing a new Industrial Grade, Power Relay Board that is simple and cost effective, yet it can be easily operated by WIFI or Ethernet by attaching an appropriate Intelligent-Appliance adaptor. - April 16, 2014

Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial Two 16-Bit Analog Input, Two Digital Input and Two Relays with USB Interface

Intelligent Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, is pleased to announce its latest product, IA-3340-U, Multifunction I/O Controller. - April 08, 2014

Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial 96-ch Digital I/O with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface

Intelligent Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, is pleased to announce its latest product, IA-2662-E, 96-ch Ethernet based Industrial Digital I/O Controller. - April 07, 2014

Online-Devices Present the New Industrial Relay Controller Line with LAN (TCP/IP) Interface

With 16-ch multi types relays, SPST 5Amp and SPDT 2Amp, 16-ch Isolated Digital inputs and two counters, all in Ethernat TCP/IP interface, the IA-3116-E Relay Controller board makes a simple, low cost, easily implemented control solution. - December 06, 2013

Online-Devices Present a New Isolated USB-Based Stepper Controller Driver

With step resolution of 3200 Steps per Revolution and Current rate of 2 Amperes per Phase, controlled by an Isolated USB port the IA-3352-U Stepper Controller makes a simple, low cost, easily implemented motion control solution. - September 25, 2013

Online-Devices Announces the New Industrial Relay Controller with an AcC Monitoring Input

The new module IA-3178H-U2i, manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance, is a 32 Channels Industrial Relay Controller, with 32 Power Relays, and Isolated AC Voltage Input for Line Monitoring Manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance. - July 10, 2013

New Class Library API for Relay Controller Hadrware

Online Devices announces the release of a Class Library Application Program Interface (API) for Intelligent-Appliances Industrial Relay Controller Boards. - May 31, 2013

New Source Code Examples: Software for Relay Control

Online Devices announces New Source Code Examples for Relay Controller Boards. - April 27, 2013

Online-Devices Announces the IA-3116-U2i

A new Industrial Relay Controller with 16-ch relays, 16 isolated Digital Inputs and two watchdog protection circuits manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance. - December 29, 2012

Online-Devices Announces a New Tiny USB Relay Controller

The IA-2117-U is a new Tiny 16-ch Relay Controller built to meet new project specific demands. - November 21, 2012

Online-Devices Released a New USB Handy Control Box - The IA-1622-U

Online-Devices announced a new USB Handy Control Box, IA-1622-U, manufactured by Intelligent Appliance, with 2 Relays, 2 Digital Inputs, Status Indicators and various built in operation functions. - October 11, 2012

IA-3133-U2i the New Dual / Quad Pole, 32-ch Multiplexer, USB and RS-232 Controlled Relay Board

A new product release by Intelligent Appliance – the IA-3133-U2i is a Dual 32-ch or Quad 16-ch Relay Multiplexer, USB or RS-232 controlled. - September 22, 2012

New Product IA-3174-U2 an Industrial Isolated USB/RS-232 Relay I/O Controller Sold by Online Devices

Online Devices has announced a new product by Intelligent-Appliance: IA-3174-U2. This is a new Relay I/O Controller with several new features: 32-ch completely wired and accessed DPDT relays, several Operation modes and Daisy Chain capability. - July 26, 2012

Online-Devices Announced a New 24 Channels Solid State Relay Controller

Online Devices, the largest distributor for Intelligent-Appliance on the web, is announcing a new Intelligent-Appliance product: An Industrial Power Digital I/O Controller, IA-3124-U, with 24 Solid State Relay function and 24 Digital Input channels, designed into a small foot print module. Solid... - February 08, 2012

Online Devices Distributes "Intelligent Appliance" Who Specializes in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Digital and Analog Modules, USB Relay Board Controllers

Intelligent-Appliance has announced the launching of a new Industrial Relay Controller, IA-3128-U2, USB Controller with 24 Relays and 24 Isolated Digital Inputs- in the Online Devices Store. - January 09, 2012

Online-Devices, Your Source for Industrial Automation, Announces the Release of Its New Tiny Relay Dry-Contact I/O Controller, USB Powered and Controlled

Intelligent-Appliance has announced a new, Tiny, Dry-Contact I/O board, IA-2115-U that is USB Powered & Controlled. This new board includes 8 channels Opto-Isolated Digital Input and 8 channels SPDT Relay with an enhanced command list. - December 03, 2011

New 32-Relays USB Controller at Online-Devices

The IA-3131-U is an Industrial 32 Relays Controller board, a significant member of the Intelligent-Appliance IA-3000 Series. This 32-ch USB Relay Board includes high quality relays. - October 23, 2011

New 16-ch Tiny USB Relay Controller at Online-Devices

Online-Devices announced a new, 16-ch SPDT Relay module, implemented into an impressive small size board, powered and controlled by its USB Port. This new board, IA-2116-U, is made by Intelligent-Appliance, a high technology company, specializing in Data Acquisition and Control products for the Industrial, Building Control and Agriculture fields. - August 14, 2011

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