New Podcast "Shhh What I Hear in Atlanta" Now Available in iTunes and Google Play has launched a tear jerking podcast called, Shhh What I Hear in Atlanta" about love, dating and Pilates. It was released and available to listeners for subscription in Itunes and Google Play.

Atlanta, GA, June 02, 2017 --( Shhh What I hear in Atlanta is a podcast unlike any other. Twice a week the host, Sonya Simpson talks about all things love, dating and Pilates. She does a great job exploring the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty of what really goes on during her Pilates classes and how everything is relatable to the online dating world. These stories will make you laugh, drop your jaw and shake your head at the same time.

The host, Sonya Simpson, says, "for years people have told me crazy hilarious stories while working out, and I found a way to share in away to put smiles on peoples faces, especially in Atlantas traffic. You can listen and laugh so hard, before you know it you are at your destinations and craving for more."

The most recent episode features her first guest and she shares an embarrassing moment in Pilates and they also discuss her love life and how Sonya can help her find the Love of her life though concierghost. That episode, and the others have reached an audience of hundreds of listeners.

Fans of the podcast can contact Sonya Simpson via email or social media to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

To listen to the podcast go to your your Itunes or Goggle Play Podcast icon and enter Shhh WHat I hear in Atlanta.
Sonya Simpson