SmartWire 360 Joins Program That Provides Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving Benefits to Local Companies

Mechanicsville, VA, June 03, 2017 --( SmartWire 360 is a full-service residential and commercial electrical company with over 30 years of experience serving the metro Richmond area. In early 2013, SmartWire 360 became a participating contractor for Dominion Virginia Power’s Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls Program.

The program provides business owners with the opportunity to reduce energy usage and costs by installing energy efficient lighting, and in turn receive a rebate for the upgrade. Owner and operator of SmartWire 360, Dennis Balducci, originally heard about the program through one of his lighting representatives. After learning more, Balducci wanted SmartWire 360 to become a participating contractor because he felt that the program would benefit his customers. Dennis Balducci shares, “It’s a smart business decision for our customers since they are becoming more energy efficient.”

After a company or business makes the initial call to SmartWire 360, one of our employees schedules a time to come onsite to conduct a lighting audit for the facility. Balducci explains, “We provide our customers with a full detailed report on energy savings, cost savings, return on investment, and more.” After the audit, a quote is drawn up and an energy savings comparison is provided to the customer. Once the retrofit is complete, SmartWire 360 will fill in and submit the rebate paperwork to Dominion on behalf of their customers.

Dennis Balducci believes the biggest benefit of participating in Dominion’s Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls Program is that it helps to gain more business exposure, while also serving as a tool to expand on SmartWire 360’s available services. Balducci remarks, “It helps us be more valuable to the customer. That is the bottom line.”

By offering Dominion’s Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls Program, SmartWire 360 strives to provide better quality lighting to more businesses, while helping them save money.
SmartWire 360
Mary Morris