Lat 26° Releases Powerful Polymer-Based Synthetic Marine Wax: Carbon Guard

Premium Marine Product Manufacturer, Lat 26° releases their long awaited, long lasting Polymer-Based Synthetic Marine Wax, Carbon Guard.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 07, 2017 --( Premium Marine Product Manufacturer, Lat 26° releases their long awaited Polymer-Based Synthetic Marine Wax, Carbon Guard.

Carbon Guard is a powerful polymer-based synthetic wax designed to seal and protect finishes from Black Streaks, Engine Exhaust, Industrial Fallout, Acid Rain & UV Rays. It seals and protects Paint, Gelcoat, Hypalon, Rubber, as well as, Hard Plastic Surfaces.

Benefits of Carbon Guard by Lat 26° include; a new thicker formula for ease of application, realistic lifespan of 4-6 months, designed with the intent to protect against Engine Exhaust & Black Streaks in Sub-Tropical Regions and is Formulated to allow back-to-back coatings.

Lat 26° has sea-tested Carbon Guard via the yacht servicing company, Yacht Surface Restoration, and are confident Carbon Guard by Lat 26° is the longest lasting polymer-based synthetic wax thats currently available on the market.

Lat 26° is a pioneer in the Premium Marine Product industry and always strives to produce the absolute best product on the market at a very consumer-friendly cost. Lat 26° was started after our CEO, Jonathan Broughton, found that most of the products sold in marine stores didn’t do the job as stated on the label. As a result, Jonathan brought together a combination of chemists & service personal to produce a full line of cleaning, polishing & protection products for the largest yacht to the smallest dinghy. To find out more, please visit

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