CrowdBuild Best Practices Part 2

The second installment of EDA Funding’s In the Trenches Series shares more client perspectives from the technology solution platform that is CrowdBuild.

Saratoga Springs, NY, June 08, 2017 --( “Test every lead quickly, be it investor, potential client or candidate, is what CrowdBuild has allowed us to do,” states Tony Marten of IFP Films. “It has allowed us to spend less time with the fence sitters and the not interested and more time cultivating our real prospects and building engagement.”

E. Patrice Perkins, Director of Startup Grind Albany notes: “Curating a monthly fireside chat series for entrepreneurs means I meet lots of people requesting help with either starting a business or making their existing business operate more efficiently. One of my dilemmas has been finding a CRM system that’s flexible enough to handle my needs without a big-ticket price tag. CrowdBuild™ is affordable and simple - I use it to segment my list to create customized email campaigns. CrowdBuild™ has meant the difference between a hodge-podge of collected business cards, and an organized way to cultivate relationships with prospective clients.”

Jill Daye of In Focus Brands highlights some key takeaways of the service:

1) to identify the right target clients, building and fostering ideal messaging that creates action;

2) effective, multiple approaches for leading, educating and grooming new business; and

3) utilizing the power of the why into repeatable marketing successes, lead generation growth and sales.

CrowdBuild is the marketing solutions platform created for the sales and crowdfunding space to make acquisition campaigns more effective and successful through a complete suite of engagement and marketing tools. Through its first 8 weeks in market, numerous small businesses and non profits have also begun using it as a stand-alone, low cost marketing solution with its CRM (client relationship management), market automation and social media management features.

In Focus Brands created the “In The Trenches” Series which includes press, viral videos and a tv pilot for the Travel Channel that travels the world finding and showcasing the commonality of the entrepreneurial spirit against a changing backdrop of cultures, customs, scenery and locations.

EDA Funding ( is the newest venture between Autonomy Distributors and In Focus Brands from their successful build out and exit of an international distribution firm in 2016. The company has 2 divisions: the EDA Fund (a hybrid VC/PE fund that invests in existing firms that have attained sustainable revenue for a number of quarters and are searching for next level partners) and CrowdBuild ™ (a subscription service that builds your community and guides you into a successful crowdfunding campaign with metrics, CRM and social media integration).

In Focus Brands ( focus on Creatively Practical solutions-Ideas to Action; Action to Revenue. As branded business development experts, they have created, resurrected and/or managed over 128 diverse businesses across industries. The company is an execution firm that operates 3 businesses internally: the culture/change/brand builder, the management doer and the funder. These integrated services bring deployable teams and resources to our clients’ present needs and structures branded systems and staffs that perform exceptionally for the future.

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund is a royalty-based fund started by Robert Manasier and In Focus Brands that creates more flexibility during the startup phase and focuses on delivering funding and resources to execute to a branded plan for proof of concept or launch stage companies.
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