KPC Group Appoints New Drilling Engineer

KPC Group have announced the appointment of Nigel Sprake as their regional drilling engineer for their Orange Basin wells off the west coast of South Africa.

Manama, Bahrain, June 10, 2017 --( KPC Groups CFO & MD Michael Sharman said “Nigel has been in the industry for 28 years, working his way up from the ground floor and is well respected within the industry. We are now fortunate to be able to count him as a member of our team; he will be flying out to South Africa next week to take full control of our drilling operations there.”

Nigel will be responsible for planning and executing drilling operations to extract oil across all our South African locations and specifically the Orange Basin area. Nigel is tasked with optimizing drilling operations in new and existing well sites; he will be expected to forecast how long the oil wells will produce the targeted quantities of resources without any additional investment or infrastructure.

Nigel will be tasked with calculating the cost of heavy machinery and the construction of rigs, platforms and other structures. His budgetary responsibilities may also involve aspects of benefit analysis and procurement. Moreover, he’ll be responsible for providing immediate and effective solutions for operational continuity, equipment malfunctions and other onsite problems.

Together with monitoring day-to-day operations, such as drilling and extraction, against budgets, he’ll be preparing work schedules and comprehensive drilling plans to meet our project objectives.

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KPC Group expands its vision through its mission to succeed in the research, exploration, development and ultimately the production of oil and gas. This obviously is reliant on what actually lays beneath the surface of our planet. They can only take advantage of what is actually present. Through the use of the latest technological developments they can employ techniques that can optimize the resources for any of their projects.
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