Consecutus Announce All New Clients Will Enjoy a Commission Free 1st Trade for a Limited Period Only

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., June 16, 2017 --( Consecutus Capital have recently announced that, for a limited period only, all new clients will enjoy a commission free first trade with the firm.

The announcement was made after the company reported significantly higher than expected figures for their year to date accounts. The firm believe that their pro-active approach to securing new business has been key to their continued success and that this latest incentive to all new clients will ensure their continued growth further.

The commission free first trade arrangement has been confirmed as being for 'a limited period only' and the firm have yet to specify any specific time-scale or cut-off date for it.

"Ensuring that we keep our new client base growing further is seen as an important part to our continued success. Our year to date figures, which were considerably higher than those expected, is proof enough that our pro-active approach to securing new business is paying off. We see this new incentive as confirmation that we are not prepared to rest on our laurels, regardless of how large or comfortable those laurels may be," said William Henderson, Managing Partner at Consecutus Capital.

"As a firm we understand that, on occasions, securing a new client requires that extra incentive by us to ensure their first trade with our firm is undertaken, what better way than by offering it to them as commission free. Currently most 1st time clients are enjoying a commission free saving of approximately $230, which is not to be sneezed at," Henderson added.

"Any potential client that needs confirmation of this commission free period should discuss it directly with their allocated advisor who will be happy to detail the opportunity with them. As of yet we have not confirmed the exact period that we will be offering it for, so my suggestion is to all potential clients that have recently been approached is to strike while the iron is hot as we will not be able to offer this for a prolonged period of time," Henderson concluded.

At Consecutus, our reputation has been built on being able to offer our worldwide client base opportunities that extend beyond their geographical boundaries. Our proven research and response to market conditions is key to our success, and that of our clients, regardless of their location.
Graham Hurst