Granite Liquidators- A New Company That is Changing the Entire Countertop Market

Granite Liquidators is the up-and-comer in the granite industry that has given homeowners a new way to buy granite. They can now get better quality slabs at reduced prices.

Denver, CO, June 23, 2017 --( Granite Liquidators was formed under the parent company Rocky Mountain Forest Products after several unaddressed issues were recognized in the granite market. Granite Liquidators is the option that provides homeowners high quality granite at more affordable prices, and with less hassle.

The granite industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years. There are better mining practicing, and new technology that has allowed prices to drop incredibly. The increasing number of home renovation shows on HGTV have also sparked a new demand in the market, leading to even lower prices than ever before. But while the demand, and the supply have increased and prices have dropped, many homeowners still find it frustrating to shop for granite.

Granite shops haven’t changed much since the nineties, when granite first started to become more widely used in homes. Which can lead to a lot of frustrating problems.

What most homeowners experience when they shop for granite is that it is often difficult to get an estimate for a project without a lot of run-around, or even simply without meeting face to face with a granite specialist.

Granite Liquidators is the new option for granite countertop purchasing in the Denver and Denver metro area. Homeowners looking for high quality granite at more affordable prices, and without the hassle, are interested in Granite Liquidators.

Granite Liquidators is a granite wholesaler, importing hand-selected stones from quarries around the globe. This process allows the middle man to be cut out, and hundreds to be saved. Prices for granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx are featured on our website along with detailed descriptions and pictures of each stone. You can also call in for a free and easy estimate of your project.

If you would like more information about Granite Liquidators, feel free to call: 303-952-4625.
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