Michael Terence Publishing Announce "Son of a Bitch" a New Novel by Jason B. Sheffield

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce a new novel, inspired by true events - "Son of a Bitch" by Jason B. Sheffield. This work is available from July 10, 2017 in multiple formats: Paperback (382 pages) - ISBN 9781521550076; Amazon Kindle eBook - ASIN B0733J94SM. The eBook is available to pre-order from June 28, 2017.

Thame, United Kingdom, June 29, 2017 --(PR.com)-- About "Son of a Bitch"

Immaturity, simmering anger, and years of therapy - budding defense attorney, Benjamin Scales owes it all to his mother.

She dragged him through hell while clawing her way to the top of the sexist, male-dominated legal profession, sacrificing everything to build a life for herself and her son - a bizarre and broken life, but a life. Under her ferocious veneer, Carter Scales is a shattered and lonely woman.

They haven’t spoken in years, but when she is caught in flagrante delicto with her star client, the leader of the notorious Salucci Crime Family, Carter turns to the one person she thinks should always have her back.

But why should he help her?

This book is the culmination of a promise Jason B. Sheffield made to himself 31 years ago when he was 12-years-old. He had just experienced yet another ridiculous, jaw-dropping moment with his mother when he found himself staring in the mirror, saying, One day I’m going to write a book about this hell. Well, that day is here. His novel is called "Son of a Bitch."

This is not a trash session on his mother, although it was absolutely inspired by true events. Son of a Bitch is a novel that explores the oft-times difficult parent / child relationship, in this case between a foul-mouthed, insecure criminal defense attorney mother and her estranged adult son.

At times it’s gut-busting funny, other times it’s biting and a bit raunchy. It’s also shocking and sad. Most importantly, though, it’s about second chances. It's a tale of motherhood and manhood, forgiveness and redemption, and a mother's hope that her little boy, now a man, will close his eyes to the past and open his heart to the future.

About Jason B. Sheffield
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Jason B. Sheffield is a practicing criminal defense trial attorney based out of Atlanta, Georgia where he has defended clients in state and federal courtrooms across the country. Jason feels a great responsibility to anyone accused by the government of committing a crime and stands fearlessly to defend the rights of citizens against overreaching government officials. Jason also teaches at Emory University’s College of Law as an adjunct professor and recently was invited by the US Embassy in the Republic of Georgia (formerly part of the Soviet Union) to teach jury trial techniques to criminal defense attorneys there now that their constitution had been amended to provide its citizens jury trials.

Prior to becoming an attorney in 2005, Jason had been acting and writing in Atlanta for 7 years, while working as an emergency medical technician at Scottish Rite Children’s Emergency Room.

Jason’s passion for law, teaching, and storytelling is second only to his love of his family.

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