Phidgets Inc. Releases New Line of Control and Sensing Boards

26 new products including data acquisition boards, I/O boards, relays, thermocouple interfaces and sensors.

Calgary, Canada, June 29, 2017 --( Big changes are happening at Phidgets Inc, a company focused on designing high-quality and affordable sensors, control units and data acquisition modules. In addition to launching a brand-new website, they’ve also released a new version of their software libraries and released a new product line.

The new Phidgets product line is centered on a new port type- the Versatile Interface, or VINT for short. A Phidget with VINT ports can use them as voltage inputs, digital inputs, or digital outputs. These ports can also be used to communicate with other VINT devices, which range in function from temperature sensors to I/O expanders and LED controllers. There are a total of 26 new VINT devices available on with more coming later in the summer.

According to Support Engineer Brian Burley, the focus of the VINT product line is on modularity, “We want to provide our customers with a solution that fits their needs without having to pay for features they won’t use. That’s why we’re focusing on modularity, producing small, affordable Phidgets that have a single function.” With a VINT Hub at the center of the system users can add Phidgets as they’re needed. Each new Phidget also comes with its own sleek injection-molded plastic enclosure.

The release of these new devices and software libraries marks a new chapter in Phidgets’ story, with many new products planned for future release.
Phidgets Inc.
Michael Paradis