Prolific Author Launches The Facebook Chronicles

Dr. Rayna Gangi a well-known author in multiple genres, releases The Facebook Chronicles.

Buffalo, NY, June 29, 2017 --( Dr. Rayna M. Gangi, a prolific author in multiple genres, releases The Facebook Chronicles; Prophesies, Rants, Rages and Wisdom From the Obama Years. Using eight years of postings, notes and statuses, Dr. Gangi writes an engaging chronicle of news events and wisdom regarding all things Obama and his administration.

Written soon after America, It Was Just an Idea, Gangi ties the Chronicles to history and her own journey into the world of the internet and politics.

"History and America are my passion," she says. "Much of our history is now being erased or rewritten. Facebook and other social media provide an accurate timeline of the process of discerning truth from fiction, and of becoming involved in the political process that makes America unique and exceptional."

She also released The Perfect Family, Narcissism and A Mother's Love, based on the true story of a family damaged and broken by a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

"My books vary in genres because my interest is not limited to one checked box," she says. "What I learn, I want to share and pass on to other generations."

The Facebook Chronicles number 2 is planned for release by September and will cover the Trump 200, Donald Trump's 200 days to making America great again.
Elsa Claverie