Zenith Lighting, Inc Announces the Launch of E-Commerce Site “The Zenith Lighting Shop”

Zenith Lighting, a nearly 30 year supplier of stage and event lighting solutions, announces the launch of their new web-based retail store “The Zenith Lighting Shop.”

Orlando, FL, June 30, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Zenith Lighting is proud to announce the launch of their new E-Commerce brand - The Zenith Lighting Shop- at www.Shop.Zenithlighting.com .

The site features a clean and scaled back design created with efficiency and experience in mind- doing away with complicated navigation and slow loading/unnecessary gimmicks, while focusing instead on delivering an easy to explore environment that delivers the kinds of information clients need to make well informed decisions and to purchase in a speed and environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.

“Truthfully, it’s a case of necessity being the mother of invention,” said Zenith Marketing Manager and Webmaster Ryan C. McKay “ There have always been two main branches of Zenith Lighting – Rental and Retail – and the retail market is moving further and further away from some of the traditional ways of shopping for ‘the right’ gear. So many designers want to do the research to self-educate and then make their purchases on their own schedules. For a lot of people, that means doing it outside of traditional ‘business hours’. If we are going to properly serve our clients, that means we need to provide them with the means to do things in a way that they feel most comfortable… and for a great many of them, that’s going to be online through The Zenith Shop!”

The Zenith Lighting Shop features a collection of both new and in demand entertainment and event lighting products, as well as a collection previously owned lights and accessories.

“There are a lot of clients that ask for pre-owned gear when they reach out to us… schools, houses of worship, and small community theaters don’t always have the budget or the need for the kinds of gear that larger theaters, amusement parks, entertainment venues and touring groups require, so we’re pretty excited that we can cover everyone,” added Mckay.

On the new event lighting equipment portion of the site, names like Elation, Robe, GLP, Martin, and ETC are featured. Pricing is kept affordable and monthly specials are offered.

“Each month we add new products to the site that will go on special. People can sign up for emailed coupons to bring pricing down even lower, though we don’t artificially inflate pricing to give the illusion of savings. Our prices are legitimately low,” said McKay.

About Zenith Lighting, Inc:
Zenith Lighting, Inc is a premiere stage and event lighting and rigging company based in Orlando, Fl with offices in Miami. Serving as the lighting technology provider and hundreds of yearly events including corporate functions, trade show exhibits, concerts and festivals as well as the lighting company of note for several of the world’s most well known theme parks and venues, Zenith Lighting, Inc has put it’s decades of experience to work as the event technology company serving other event technology companies for over 25 years. Learn more about us at www.zenithlighting.com or www.shop.zenithlighting.com

Ryan McKay (Marketing Manager)
Zenith Lighting, LLC
www.zenithlighting.com / www.shop.zenithlighting.com
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Ryan McKay