Post Traumatic Stress Injury Sufferers Helped by Global PTSI Foundation's Progressive Web App with InspireHUB Technologies

The Global PTSI Foundation (Global) is putting a mobile app to work to support its mission assisting people suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Injuries (PTSI).

Dallas, TX, July 01, 2017 --( Global was created to support the novel use of stellate ganglion blocks (SGB) to treat patients with PTSI, and to promote research and medical publications of SGB applications for PTSI. Lead by Chairman Richard Cantwell (LTC Ret), Global is now putting technology to work to amplify the good. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eugene Lipov, who “discovered” the treatment for post-traumatic stress suffers, has inspired more than 4,000 treatments to date, including hundreds of treatments delivered by Dr. Lipov himself, funded by the Foundation.

By creating the IHUBApp (a Progressive Web App) powered by InspireHUB Technologies they're sharing their medical research findings, uplifting people through success stories, and even hosting a campaign to help fund treatments. Global is inviting people suffering with PTSI to use the app to share their own stories, and engage as part of the community.

"We love sharing success stories from members within our community, and know how important it is to connect and relate to others who have gone through something similar," explains Executive Director, Lane Ostrow. "Our new IHUBApp is a really great way for members to stay informed about what’s new in PTSI treatment, with push notifications and the ability to access the IHUBApp on any mobile device. We also love the events feature, as we can now highlight and sell tickets all from one place. With the recent investment of $2 million from the US Army to further research, that has already had impressive results, we hope to be adding more and more success stories to our new app."

The IHUBApp comes standard with a number of features and tools aimed at helping organizations increase engagement with their audience, including the ability to: engage with brand content, participate in real-time polls and surveys, register for events, create private channels for VIP groups, determine the frequency of notifications, fundraising and volunteer management tools, along with allowing all users the ability to upload their own content for sharing through the IHUBApp.

The Global PTSI Foundation Experience can be accessed by visiting in your mobile browser and following the prompts to add to your homescreen.

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