Vocab Tunes Introduces 3 Amazing Products to Improve Vocabulary

Online learning platform Vocab Tunes has announced the availability of its reading programs—root word based products for children between the ages of 5 to 14. Comprising songs and root word recognition, these programs will help kids improve English scores. Apart from being used at home, these products can also be incorporated as learning methods at schools.

Southgate, MI, July 05, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The Vocab Tunes’ products aims at improving English scores of schoolchildren aged 5-14 years.

Taking into consideration the report by US Education Department that showed continuous decline in vocabulary skills among children in the U.S., Michigan educationist Manisha Shelly Kaura took the initiative to start this online platform, Vocab Tunes. The report revealed that in the past 50 years there has been a lack of knowledge related to English vocab words among school kids. Moved by this, Manisha and her father Dr. S.R. Kaura engaged themselves in finding the cause. After conducting a thorough research, they found that the there was a lack of knowledge among children pertaining to root words. Hence, they devoted their time and research in categorizing programs for kids to learn basic root words.

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If you want your kids to learn to read and thereby to help them conceptualize the English language right from the start, then K to 2nd Grade Workbook w/Cd (5 chapters), 3 to 5th Grade Workbook w/Cd (10 chapters), and 6 to 8th Grade Workbook w/Cd (21 chapters) are one of the best options available. This kids reading program that consists of workbooks with a CD/DVD also features 21 upbeat songs, keeping in mind that most of the English words have their roots in Latin or Greek. Every chapter starts with an introduction, which gives an insight into different roots with example list followed by the lyrics, containing the words from the list. To help the child memorize the given words, a list has been provided with 5 to 15 vocabulary words with its roots, suffixes and prefixes along with numerous quizzes.

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Vocab Tunes Root Words 6-8 CD included: http://vocabtunes.com/products/english-vocabulary-grade-6-8/

A BA degree holder from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Manisha Shelley Kaura recently said in an interview, “Our school children can read quite well because of use of phonics by 'sounding out' the academic words in the textbooks, but the comprehension is missing. Therefore, to eliminate this missing link and make a program that is more fun and easy to learn, we created a more focused and music-based Vocab Tunes Root Words, a three-level K-8 program.”

She further added, “This program is also beneficial for dyslexic students as they can grasp the root word knowledge easily and after memorizing the roots, they not only are able to form other words but also remember their spelling.”

She along with her father have not only created a four-level K-12 vocabulary program but are the proud authors of two vocabulary textbooks named ‘Rockin’ Root Words’ (Prufrock Press, 2010), which has helped many young minds to learn vocabulary words fast.

About Vocab Tunes:

A father-daughter duo initiative, Vocab Tunes, aims at making learning root words an easy and fun activity for schoolchildren. an advocate for educational reformer in Michigan and Ohio, Manisha Shelly Kaura along with her physician father Dr. S.R. Kaura started this online learning program to help kids stock new words and expand their vocabulary through singing and dancing.
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