Ericka Mauldin of Chicks That Pitch Meets Long Lost Sister on Live National TV

Chicago, IL, July 10, 2017 --( Chicago-based, TV Producer and Owner of Chicks That Pitch and Edit Talent Group, Ericka Mauldin was chronicled as lead kickoff story in TLC Network’s This is Life Live! As she searched for her long-lost sister, Tiffany, fathered by her deceased Dad, Wendell Porter.

Supported by her children, Granddad (Wendell’s Dad) and Aunt Janet (Wendell’s Sister), Ericka only knew Tiffany from a faint picture and via a one-time mention while seeing her estranged dad Wendell Porter, just before his untimely death.

Meanwhile, Tiffany on the other hand, had no knowledge of her “family” and the only thing she knew of her Dad was a story she heard from her mother in which Wendell visited her as an infant but never came back and Tiffany’s failed attempt to establish a relationship with her Dad, since becoming an adult, years ago. To complicate matters even further, because she had no knowledge of a family or siblings, Tiffany never knew she was “long-lost.”

While on the show, Ericka received the news from a Private Investigator that not only was Tiffany found, but that Tiffany was unaware of their Dad’s passing.

Ericka’s wish finally came true when the two were united during in Ohio, Wendell’s last place of residency. Bearing a jarring resemblance, the look-a-like features startled them both as well as their families. Despite so much catching up to do, sadly and unfortunately, the first conversation between the two sisters had to include an announcement of their Dad’s passing as Tiffany was unaware of his untimely death, news that understandably, rocked Tiffany.

Despite all, Ericka asserts, “God granted me the desires of my heart. My prayers were answered and my sister is exactly where she belongs with her Porter Family! Don’t ever doubt, miracles do happen!”

In preparation for a busy summer season, Ericka resides in Chicago where she is a behind-the-scenes media mogul and a mother of 4. Tiffany, wife and mother of 3, resides in Virginia where she is a Director for the After-School YMCA, wife and mother of 3 sons.

Realizing the impact to both of their lives, Tiffany adds, “The only way I can describe it, is that I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I am finally complete.”

In a move to bring closure and embrace a new beginning, the two, in union with their brother Oliver, who resides in Vegas, are planning a private memorial in the Fall, to honor their Dad.

The bond that has quickly developed among these 2 halves, filled a hole for generations of Porters.
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