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YES - Young Entrepreneur Scholars is a summer program for students (grades 3-8) to learn about themselves, entrepreneurship and running a business.

Springfield, VA, July 08, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Unity Spiritual Center of Springfield and Lovas Consulting join together to announce the launch of YES – Young Entrepreneur Scholars. YES is designed to support and encourage young students (grades 3-8) to learn about themselves, entrepreneurship and running a business. They will gain confidence in themselves, their ability to make decisions and speak with others.

Summer is a time for fun and having a lemonade stand. Except, now a days many children don’t have the opportunity to have a lemonade stand. Families are busy and many don’t have the time or knowledge to create a successful experience for their child.

Each child will pick a product that they will make and then sell at the YES™ Market Place on Saturday Sept 2. During the program they will learn the importance of Vision & Mission, Marketing, Communication, and Budgeting/Finances; at the fifth and final class the participants will submit their actual (financials), and discuss what they learned and experienced.

As we all know, there is a level of completion in business. This includes competition with ourselves and others. This competition will be recognized through awards given at the end of the program. These awards include Peer and Profit Awards. Peer awards will give the kids a chance to look at what everyone else did and observe, critique and learn. The Profit Award will recognize various levels of profitability and risk taking.

During the Market Place each participant (with their parent as a silent assistant) will staff their booth, where they will sell their products, in a setting similar to a farmers market. This experience will allow them to put into practice and see the results of the work they did, including manufacturing, marketing and selling.

About YES – Young Entrepreneur Scholars.

YES™ starts on Wed., August 9th (from 7 – 8:30 pm) and runs through Sept 6th. There will be five (5) 90 minute classes and one (1) 4 hour Market Place.

Registration $25.00 (materials for product are not included.)

There are scholarships available for students who can’t afford to attend the program and purchase the materials to make their product. (Young Entrepreneur Scholars are also looking for additional Sponsors.)
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