GemFind's Blog: How to Reach National and Local Customers

Your online jewelry business can attract both national and local customers using various affordable marketing techniques such as local SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Building valuable unique content is also one of the foundations to a successful website that draws organic traffic. Here are ways you can put these techniques together to form an effective marketing strategy for your jewelry website.

Newport Beach, CA, July 08, 2017 --( Targeting Local Customers
One of the best ways to attract local customers without spending much money is to create web pages that include your local city or neighborhood in the titles and headings of your blogs. If you can establish yourself as a leading authority on jewelry in your town among local customers, it can influence Google to give you priority over competitors in rankings. Titles must be unique and pertain to your niche to increase your chances of high placement in Google’s search rankings.

Another key local SEO technique is to submit your business information to local directories such as Google My Business and Yelp. If your business operates in a fairly well-known town, there will likely be multiple local directories where you can gain online visibility. PPC ads through AdWords or social networks such as Facebook can also help you promote your business to target audiences, using customization tools for reaching people in specific locations.

Reaching a National Market
Orchestrating PPC campaigns through AdWords is one of the fastest ways to reach a national audience online. Customers searching for jewelry will see your ads based on your selection of keywords. Although campaigns can take time to develop, studying analytics will help you refine your keywords and content to increase conversions. Running multiple campaigns at the same time can help speed up your learning curse about what works best for your target audience.

Based on GemFind's research, here are some Tips for Building National and Local Customers

- create an email marketing list
- build followings through social networks
- make sure your jewelry site is mobile-friendly
- use jewelry industry tools to enhance your site’s presentation
- study your competition and make your site more eye-catching and unique

The key to attracting national and local customers is to take steps that make your site familiar to Google and other search engines. The combination of quality content and using GemFind’s management and tracking tools will help you boost your jewelry search ranking and online visibility that attracts jewelry customers. Learn more about innovative jewelry store tools that can help connect customers with the gems they are searching for.

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