Releases Safety Checklist for Outdoor Residential Decks

Burnsville, MN, July 09, 2017 --( As summer goes on, it’s likely that many homeowners have been able to enjoy a lot of time on their decks. After several months of use, and after thunderstorms and the hot sun beating on the deck, it may be a good idea to give your deck a checkup. The deck builders at have released a checklist for homeowners to evaluate the safety of their outdoor deck.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 33,000 people are injured each year because of a structural failure of a porch, deck, railing or staircase. To reduce the chances of structural issues on a deck, has advice on what to look for and how to identify common issues with a deck.

Rotted wood can be a somewhat common issue on a deck. After years of exposure to rain and snow, and if the wood has not been consistently stained and sealed, moisture can seep into the wood and start to rot it. With wood weakened by rot, homeowners would need to think about replacing the affected boards.

Loose railings are another common trouble area on decks. Most deck railings are designed to withstand the weight of someone leaning up against them (typically up to 200 pounds of lateral force). They should have a little give when pushed on, but if they noticeably sway when force is applied, it’s a good idea for an inspector to evaluate the railings’ safety.

Another important area to check is underneath a deck. Inspect fasteners and connectors – the pieces that hold a deck together – for rust and corrosion. And if any of those screws, bolts or nails look loose, have an inspector come and look it over.

Cracks in the wooden deck planking are another signal that a deck may need repairs. Tiny cracks are to be expected over time, and aren’t much to worry about, as long as homeowners keep an eye on them. However, if a crack is getting larger or if it’s located close to a fastener, it could be a sign of the wood weakening.

If you notice any of these warning signs and are looking for a deck repair or even a total deck replacement, call the deck builders at can help homeowners ensure that their decks are built safely, and built to last.

Using one of’s maintenance free decking materials can also give homeowners peace of mind and make rotted wood and cracks a thing of the past.

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Bill Barton