Fashion Industry Disrupted by Australian Business

Greenslopes, Australia, July 10, 2017 --( Australian custom uniform supplier, Shirt Studio Corporate, is forging the way in new practises within the fashion industry. The husband and wife team behind Shirt Studio Corporate, Fiona and Anoop Anchal, say that these changes are a sign of good things to come for other businesses.

For many years, customised clothing was only available in mass-produced bulk orders. Factories would only work with large quantities which meant that ordering custom was impossible for most.

"We’ve just returned from a trip to China where we’re working with manufacturers to carve out this niche service. It is really exciting to see this finally happening," says Mrs Anchal, Creative Director of Shirt Studio Corporate.

In the uniform industry there were previously only two choices; either ordering from a catalogue or ordering a large quantity of custom wear. This clearly posed an issue for small businesses who did not need large quantities of product.

Mr and Mrs Anchal are at the forefront of this revolution, providing a service that others in their industry cannot. "We’re all about customised uniforms without the mass production tag," Mr Anchal said.

A significant level of imports to Australia come from China and in the past, this has been a controversial issue. But, it seems as times are changing, China is progressing into an effective and dynamic resource for Australia’s businesses.

"Smaller orders are a great movement towards sustainable production in China," says Mrs Anchal. "Things are changing. The fashion industry is changing."

Custom uniforms can be an important asset to a business. A good uniform has been proven to boost sales and increase team performance. For many small to medium sized businesses, this has just been a dream. They do not need five thousand pairs of pants, they need one hundred. In the past, they would have been forced to order them from a catalogue. Now, with these changes in the fashion industry custom uniforms have become a reality for every business.

"We’re proud to be one of the first suppliers using small orders of custom uniform. It is a trend that is catching on," says Mrs Anchal.

Shirt Studio Corporate may be one of the first to access this new service but they surely won’t be the last. As the traditional methods of production are disrupted, the fashion industry becomes more accessible and sustainable.
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