Relentless Films, Hexengeddon Prepares to Cast a Fantastic and Feminist Spell

Hexengeddon, a fantasy production by Relentless Films follows in the footsteps of Wonder Woman, with strong female heroes battling a Trump-like president.

Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2017 --( The independent film company, Relentless Films is fighting the power the only way it knows how. The small Indie film company under the watchful eye of Producers Gina Epps and Mac Harris (who's also the screenwriter) said they will be will be, "Striking a blow against the most powerful man in the world when it brings a witch led apocalypse to theaters in Fall 2019."

Starring Michelle Jubilee Gomez, Darby Harmon, Langston Fishburne, Tiffany Ellen Robinson and well know veteran actress Jane Badler Hexengeddon promises to end the world with magic instead of zombies, science or a giant space-rock.

Hexegeddon's unique storyline is as follows, "When an act of cruelty against a young witch becomes a social media sensation. The witches of the world declare war on humanity, bringing them into conflict with a loudmouth billionaire American president, a bigoted and sexist minister and the people of an easily swayed media-loving country and the world."

The 10 million dollar production prepares to film in Vancouver, B.C., early 2018 for a late 2019 release.
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