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Ultimate Sports Network’s New Station to Feature Unconventional Advertising Ideas

The Ultimate Sports Network's new station, USN/America, will feature a series of unconventional, partner friendly advertising concepts, which should be beneficial to both the advertising partner and the end user.

Las Vegas, NV, July 12, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The Ultimate Sports Network’s new station, USN/America, will feature a different concept in generating advertising revenue. USN/America will be a 24/7, internet, sports talk radio station, which will be live-streamed both audibly and visually. USN/America will also be available on-demand audibly on iTunes and SoundCloud, and various other formats. While the video on-demand version will be available on Roku, Amazon Fire, and more.

The audio version of USN/America will follow conventional terrestrial radio station formatting as it concerns advertising with a few exceptions. There will only be four advertising opportunities per hour, once every fifteen minutes. Each opportunity will last for one minute. Since USN/America is internet based and does not have the extreme overhead of a terrestrial station, advertising costs will be on average 25% of a conventional national radio station. With fewer advertising sessions, USN/America can focus on more in-depth content with fewer interruptions.

On the video end, USN/America will incorporate 120 thirty second advertising opportunities in one hour of broadcasting. By integrating a scrolling text box on the bottom of the video player, USN/America will be able to feature their advertisers concurrently with USN/America's content. Each advertising opportunity will cost at maximum five dollars per opportunity. With bundles and future opportunities, the cost is $4.17 per opportunity. Advertisements can be bundled to appear once an hour for one day. The bundled price would be $100. As well as once an hour for a month. The bundled price would be $3000 regardless if the month has thirty or thirty-one days (though it will be prorated for the month of February). Bundling will provide the advertising partner with five free days in a thirty day month, and six free days in a thirty-one day month.

Along with the “Bottom Crawl” opportunities, USN/America will also offer an upper corner logo opportunity. This opportunity allows a partner to have their logo affixed to the video player for fifteen minutes uninterrupted. Bundling costs for this placement will be determined on a per placement basis, but the maximum cost will be fifty dollars per fifteen minute placement.

As with the audio portion of USN/America, the video portion will have four, one-minute advertising opportunities per hour. And as with the audio portion these opportunities will be charged at 25% of the going rate for a nationally broadcast live sports talk show.

“As I watched the direction that internet advertising was headed, I began to wonder if the content providers really cared about either the advertisers or the customers,” said Ultimate Sports Network CEO Frank Gordon. “A screen pops up here, a blurb interrupts me there, there is a countdown to skip the ad.

“Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having the ad if you can skip it? And I personally am more apt to leave the content if it’s a pain in the behind to actually get to the content.” Mr. Gordon added, “This way we can prominently feature our partners products and services to our viewers while providing quality entertainment value uninterrupted."

To see a sample of what the Ultimate Sports Network will provide with USN/America, please visit the Ultimate Sports Network YouTube page, or visit www.1usn.net/advertising.html. Or contact Frank Gordon at frankgordon@1usn.net
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