Fennex AG First to Market with Flagship App That Converts AirPods to Hearing Aids

Changing the experience of sound well-heard, Fennex AG launches the first augmented hearing app that works in tandem with Apple AirPods. Starting users off with a hearing test specifically designed for Appleā€™s newest must-have headphones, the app simplifies social situations with ease of use.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Who hasn't been there? Someone says something at a restaurant or at a party that seems barely audible. It's a no fault circumstance when ambient sound reigns supreme. If only there were an app for that. Enter, Fennex. It's the marketplace's first hearing aid app that not only ups the ante on sound, it does it stealth-like. Thanks to the Fennex app and Apple AirPods, there's now a hearing amplifier for the digital age that rocks style for users of any age. Think, AirPods as hearing aids. Now think, augmented hearing that customizes volumes, creates balance, identifies compression, high and low frequencies, and equalizes among other features. Welcome to being the master of easily navigated noisy situations. Now welcome to doing it for free.

Noted by BuzzFeed for its superior benefits and by Mogul as one of the top three augmented hearing apps on the market, Fennex changes the game.

First, users do a three-minute hearing test that allows the free app to customize their experience. From there, the sound around the user is personalized, amplified and equalized based on their hearing loss for specific frequencies. Several standard settings for areas like the car or a meeting are on tap. Moreover, advanced features allow for in-depth customization based on specific needs.

Alex Mari, Co-Founder and CEO of Fennex said of the iOS app, "Fennex is for people with normal hearing or mild to moderate hearing loss that occasionally struggle in noisy situations and aren't ready to spend up to $3000 for a hearing aid. You can focus on single or group conversations, balance sound reception between the left and right side of the speakers, boost volume, and adapt treble, mid, and bass. It's a stylized win/win."

For more information visit https://www.fennex.io/.

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Fennex AG is a start-up company located on the Lake of Zürich along the Swiss Goldcoast. The company's flagship product is the Fennex iOS app.

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