Webswell Delivers ebXML B2B Solution for the Media Industry

Sacramento, CA, February 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Webswell Inc. accomplished the pilot implementation of ebXML business integration solution, the Webswell Business Hub, in the media industry. The customer Media Metro LLC, leading provider of software solutions and services for the media industry.

The solution allows to create a complex network of business partners exchanging business documents with each other through the central point, the Business Hub, using the robust and secure ebXML messaging. The Business Hub handles all the traffic within the network (including routing, validating or transforming of business documents). Business partners connected to the Business Hub can use either Webswell Connect ebXML gateway or any other third party ebXML connector or gateway that can be integrated with back-end systems.

Delivered solution is one of the first implementations of ebXML standards in the media industry. It is intended to transfer text and xml-based business documents, including industry-specific documents like ERN (new release messages) or DSR (sales report messages). The communication is managed using CPA (Collaboration Protocol Agreement) documents stored in the centralized Registry, thus messaging maintenance and change management is efficient and less error-prone.

About Media Metro LLC: Media Metro is a metadata services company, with expertise in the organization, management and distribution of media data, thereby establishing and capitalizing upon its value as an asset in the digital domain. The customer base encompasses all participants in the digital media supply chain, from content creation through distribution. For more details please visit www.mediametrollc.com

About Webswell: Webswell Inc. is a Sacramento, California based integration company specialized in building ebXML, AS2, EDI and Web Services integration solutions and providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size and industry to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides. Webswell also produces software infrastructure for SOA. For more details please visit www.webswell.com

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