IMA Schelling Group USA and Barbaric Announce Strategic Partnership

Announcing a new partnership between the IMA Schelling Group USA and Barbaric. Barbaric’s automated systems allow full integration into IMA and Schelling products.

IMA Schelling Group USA and Barbaric Announce Strategic Partnership
Raleigh, NC, July 20, 2017 --( The IMA Schelling Group and Barbaric announces today a sales partnership that will bring customized and innovative material handling solutions to customers.
IMA Schelling Group USA, located in Raleigh, NC, is the combined North American headquarters of both IMA Klessman GmbH (Germany) and Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH (Austria). IMA and Schelling each provide complementary sophisticated technologies for the wood, metal and composites sectors that will continue to carry them into the future.

Barbaric GmbH is a specialized supplier of affordable, intelligent, automated storage systems. Their primary focus is to provide system solutions for demanding manufacturing processes through close cooperation with customers.

Barbaric’s automated systems are flexible, allowing full integration into IMA and Schelling products. IMA Schelling Group customers can choose to increase production and automate their material handling capabilities with either Barbaric or Schelling automated solutions.

The IMA Schelling Group will proudly showcase the fh5 panel saw in conjunction with the Barbaric Linear Feeding System LCV at AWFS Booth #8411.

For more information visit or call 919.544.0430.

About Schelling
In 1917, 100 years ago, Georg Schelling started the company as a repair shop for local whetstone factories, mills and saw mills in Austria. His passion led to the development of the company’s first panel board divider in 1945. Since then, Schelling has been setting new heights in the industry from the addition of moving saw blades to developing automated cut-to-size board plants.

About IMA
For over 60 years, IMA Klessmann GmbH has been a leader in the woodworking industry with cutting edge technologies and innovative products. They have set standards for increased productivity, optimization and revolutionary features. IMA assists customers from small standalone machines to complete machining centers capable of high speed processing lines down to batch size 1.

About Barbaric
Barbaric, based in Austria, is a premier manufacturer of material handling equipment, supplying simple vacuum loaders and return systems suitable for all IMA edgebanding and Schelling panel saws. Founded in 1995, Barbaric is now one of Europe’s leading suppliers in the industry.
IMA Schelling Group USA
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