The FU Collective is Focusing on It's Custom Printing for a Strong Q3

This student startup took off after they went custom.

Boulder, CO, July 21, 2017 --( The FU Collective has just announced it’s Q3 corporate goals, and the Boulder based startup has poised itself to become one of the fastest growing student-led businesses to emerge out of the apparel industry in recent years. Building off of a record second quarter where the majority of revenue generated was in the custom printing department, FU L.L.P. has taken the initiative to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and completely focus on the custom clothing product offering.

When asked about what The FU Collective has planned for the third quarter, company CEO Daniel Kwolkoski stated that “We are currently all-in on expanding our custom order market share and increasing our production capabilities to accommodate even larger orders.” Originally founded as a standard streetwear startup, The FU Collective quickly expanded into a full-service custom shirt and clothing producer, and has made a name for itself by undercutting competitors prices severely.

“Once you get into the actual cost of producing a high-quality shirt, most of our competitors were completely ripping off their clients. As soon as we realized what was going on, all we had to do was offer a reasonable price and remain flexible, and the sales started to pour in,” Kwolkoski stated, when asked about why The FU Collective expanded beyond the handmade apparel market. Indeed, the drastic expansion of the company's product offering has greatly improved sales, and FU L.L.P. will continue to try and keep its momentum growing with the renewed focus on custom clothing in Colorado.
The FU Collective