Web Active Directory LLC Announces New Client Branford Public Schools

Dallas, TX, July 21, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Web Active Directory is pleased to announce the addition of Branford Public Schools to their growing education sector client list. Branford Public Schools selected Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform. They now have an Active Directory provisioning and updating solution that allows the IT department to properly apply time and resources to other critical issues the district requires. Additionally, the district now has accurate data in their Active Directory and has reduced costs by eliminating the time it used to take for manual data entry.

PeoplePlatform empowers you to create, update, and deprovision users and other objects in your directory. You can delegate provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates to other users via configurable web forms. You can also do it in bulk from your data sources.

The software can schedule jobs and workflow tasks to run any time after an application action occurs. This function makes licensing, and other maintenance tasks manageable as well as provide a framework for notifications and approvals on top of your directory processes. PeoplePlatform also constructs specific reports you need (with graphs) without scripting, coding, or using Excel.

Tom Pisani, Director of Technology at Branford Public Schools, says “Now we can provision a user in less than 30 seconds with a bulk file import. Or with a quick, easy, user-friendly web form. As opposed to waiting for a google sheet to update or wait for a file to be generated and be manually entered and updated. PeoplePlatform saves us hours of work.”

Pisani continued, “We evaluated many products to help us with provisioning accounts for staff. Web Active Directory’s comprehensive interface and feature set were the major draws for us.”

Jean Thompson, Director of Marketing at Web Active Directory stated, “We continue to expand our footprint in the education sector. Schools and Universities with annual student surges benefit greatly from a hands-free provisioning solution. We see the same need in the corporate world. Many of these verticals adopt the Platform for similar reasons.”

About Web Active Directory, LLC

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform web-enabling Active Directory technologies. We provide software and services on-premise or in the cloud saving money and time for IT technologists and empowering end-users not to be beholden to them. For more information, please visit www.webactivedirectory.com.

About Branford Public Schools, Inc.

Branford Public Schools, in Branford Connecticut statement, states: We, the members of the Branford Public School community, are committed to developing life-long learners who are capable and confident, who contribute to their community, and who succeed in a changing global society. For more information, please visit http://www.branford.k12.ct.us/.
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