Fountain Hills Recovery Announces the Launch of New Addiction Treatment Center Dynamic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Company Experiences Rapid Growth

Located in a commercial district in the desert town of Fountain Hills, 30 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix, Ariz., Fountain Hills is a private organization offering residential and outpatient care for individuals struggling with substance.

Fountain Hills, AZ, July 24, 2017 --( Fountain Hills Recovery is excited to announce the launch of a new world class addiction treatment center in Fountain Hills, Arizona, with a focus on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This new facility will provide residents of Arizona and the rest of the world with a safe place to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. The official launch date for Fountain Hills Recovery addiction treatment center was early 2016.

Fountain Hills Recovery’s treatment approach matches the strengths from both client and staff to formulate a workable plan for recovery. The admissions process begins with developing a clear understanding of every client's current situation. This dynamic approach encourages enhanced communication between client and family members. Fountain Hills Recovery utilizes a group format to maximize inclusion, shame reduction, and self-acceptance. Experience has shown that powerful personal transformation is a common occurrence simply by sharing with others who are experiencing similar life adversity. Fountain Hills Recovery promotes group involvement as well as individual treatment to heal from the long-term effects of an addictive lifestyle. Fountain Hills Recovery uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to maximize the opportunity for long term sobriety. Fountain Hills Recovery therapeutic process includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Group Therapy, EMDR, Family Therapy, Equine Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Relapse Prevention. This methodology increases the probability of a positive long term outcome for the individual. Fountain Hills Recovery is medically supervised by a board certified physician. The collaboration of medical supervision, proven therapeutic techniques, and the passion and experience of dedicated staff, helps to facilitate awareness, personal growth and long term sobriety.

Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end individualized care and rehabilitation services to build a foundation for long-term recovery. They're aware that every patient who comes to Fountain Hills Recovery has their own motivations for seeking treatment and making this lifestyle change. With this in mind, they offer a variety of care options using evidence based treatment practices to aid in the realization of self-worth and the possibilities of life away from the hopelessness of addiction. One patient had this to say about Fountain Hills Recovery, “I can truly say that out of the 10 plus treatment centers I have been to, that Fountain Hills Recovery really is different. The owner of the company actually appears and loves every single person that is giving the shot at changing their lives. I cannot even begin to explain the help that Fountain Hills Recovery did for me and how they changed my life for the better. I would recommend this facility to anybody that wants to change for the better. I can honestly say that I now feel like everybody at FHR truly is family to me.”

Fountain Hills Recovery’s belief is addiction can be addressed and the recovery process begins in an environment that blends the components of therapy, self-determination, responsibility, accountability, and linkage to others who have successfully addressed addiction and have created meaningful and fulfilling lives. Fountain Hills Recovery believes that recovery is an attainable goal for everyone. The initial stages of recovery can be challenging, we are committed to providing a healthy, compassionate environment to discover and address the underlying issues that resulted in addictive behaviors. Healing is achievable, and is a process that must be personalized for each client. The individualized components of their program are designed to complement each other in order to create a path for long-term recovery. This includes Primary Treatment, Aftercare, Coaching and connection to continual support. Fountain Hills Recovery’s mission is to aid in each client's realization of self-worth and the possibility of a life free from the stigma of addiction. With experienced, caring, and compassionate staff dedicated to addressing the core issues, Fountain Hills Recovery strives to promote physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth for lifelong recovery. At Fountain Hills Recovery, we don't stand behind you, we stand beside you. Verify your health insurance coverage when you arrange your first visit. Learn more at
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