CrowdBuild the Donor Development Tool Partners with In Focus Brands Inbound System

For decades, donor development has been letter (now email) campaigns and calling lists. The motto of quantity over quality still runs the thinking and the process. CrowdBuild™ brings an integrated solution to build engaged donor relations to many non profits and educational institutions. is further accelerating donor acquisition with the partnership.

New York, NY, July 26, 2017 --( CrowdBuild™ brings a new, affordable perspective to truly engage donor bases at their passion points through the proprietary data analytics that track and respond to user actions, not just views and opens. The integration with In Focus Brands' proven inbound system and multimedia expertise will expand lead generation, creating better tracking data to make clients' marketing more effective and efficient.

This technology and product in addition to being a market automation and social media management tool is also an identifier and tracker of what your base truly cares about and reacts to. Think of donor development as feeding your donors and potential donors only with the messaging and information that will engage them and will cause them to take action. The more relevant your messaging is to your constituents, the more efficient your asks become.

This iterative process sets and expands your donor communications and builds real, sustainable relationships to grow your donor bases. It also allows your clients to pivot their messaging in real time. Messaging that is tracking better or is causing more actions to be taken can be enhanced, while messaging that is not demonstrating traction can be removed or re-messaged. This ability to pivot messaging and webpage usage is a key to better results with less resource waste.

CrowdBuild™ is accomplishing this for countless non profits (and small businesses too in regards to qualifying leads) including League of Dreams, Center for Data and Social Advancement, Orange Street Cats and Parkhurst Field Foundation.

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This information was taken from a recent presentation by Robert Manasier to the non profit, Parkhurst Field Foundation, discussing new brand methods to energize stagnant donor bases.

CrowdBuild™ ( is the marketing solutions platform created for the sales, marketing, donor development and crowdfunding space to make acquisition campaigns more effective and successful through a complete suite of engagement and marketing tools. It is a stand-alone, low cost marketing solution with its CRM (client relationship management), market automation and social media management features integrated in an easy-to-use platform.

EDA Funding ( is the newest venture between Autonomy Distributors and In Focus Brands from their successful build out and exit of an international distribution firm in 2016. The company has 2 divisions: the EDA Fund (a hybrid VC/PE fund that invests in existing firms that have attained sustainable revenue for a number of quarters and are searching for next level partners) and CrowdBuild ™ (a subscription service that builds your community and guides you into a successful crowdfunding campaign with metrics, CRM and social media integration).

In Focus Brands ( focus on Creatively Practical solutions-Ideas to Action; Action to Revenue. As branded business development experts, they have created, resurrected and/or managed over 128 diverse businesses across industries. The company is an execution firm that operates 3 businesses internally: the culture/change/brand builder, the management doer and the funder. These integrated services bring deployable teams and resources to our clients’ present needs and structures branded systems and staffs that perform exceptionally for the future.

Diamond Point Co-Development Fund is a royalty-based fund started by Robert Manasier and In Focus Brands that creates more flexibility during the startup phase and focuses on delivering funding and resources to execute to a branded plan for proof of concept or launch stage companies.
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