PodioBox Launches a Remote Control Tool for Presentations

PodioBox, the all-in-one event system created by the Swiss software developing company Assiomatica SA from Zurich, now represents a new vision of the well-known product.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Assiomatica SA, the Swiss software company with the head office in Zurich, have announced a new vision of its well-known product PodioBox, the all-in-one event system for all who gives presentations.

The key audience of PodioBox consists of event professionals and beginners: event planners, managers and organizers; single lecturers, teachers and professors; businessmen of different fields, and everyone who needs to give an effective and professional presentation with no technical issues.

Now Assiomatica SA represents the new vision of PodioBox - the remote control tool for presentations. What does it mean? Any presenter is able to drive his presentation and to control it using just a remote tool. This tool he already has. The user can use his own smartphone, laptop or even Apple Watch to rule the presentation and control every its moment, page, media or questionnaire. The creators of PodioBox remote control tool say that this may be the easiest way to direct any type of presentation by yourself, with no other helpers and with no compatibility problems.

The transition goes from the cloud, so nothing is to be installed. Any listener or other person from the hall can connect with his own device for totally free and to become an active participant of the process.

Now it is available for the free trial. The full cost is 59 CHF (55 EUR) a month for standard limited version or 489 CHF (450 EUR) for the full version per one big event.

Details at podiobox.com
Assiomatica SA
Iryna Schender