GL Enhances GSM A Over IP Interface Emulator

The enhanced MAPS™ GSM A over IP Emulator supports Handover Management procedures, CSV based Subscriber profiles files for load testing, and User-defined Statistics and Graph generation.

Gaithersburg, MD, July 27, 2017 --( GL Communications Inc. announced today its enhanced MAPS™ GSM A over IP Interface Emulator. It has been enhanced to support Handover Management procedures, CSV based Subscriber profiles files and more.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, "GL’s MAPS™ GSM A over IP Interface Emulator is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for GSM Simulation over A Interface that can exchange BSSMAP and DTAP messages and signalling specification as defined by 3GPP standards. The tester supports testing network elements MSC and BSC, error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, load testing/call generation and generation of high volumes of GSM traffic."

He added, “MAPS™ GSM A over IP Emulator can run pre-defined test scenarios against DUTs in a controlled & deterministic manner. It supports mobility management procedures such as Location Management Procedure, Mobile Originating and Terminating Procedures, and Handover Management Procedures. The emulator also supports load testing (high volume of calls with traffic) using MAPS™ HD (High Density), a network appliance that is designed to easily achieve up to 20,000 endpoints per appliance (5000 per port).”

Mr.Vadalia, emphasizing on the enhancements introduced, further explained, “A few significant enhancements included with latest MAPS™ GSM A over IP Emulator are – Support for handling Handover Management procedures, Support for CSV based Subscriber profiles files for load testing, User-defined Statistics and Graph generation.

When a mobile user travels across two different cell coverage areas within active call duration, the call is transferred to the new cell’s base station. When the user is travelling across two different cell coverage areas, the Handover procedures are initiated from old BSC to new BSC via MSC. These procedures can be simulated using MAPS™ GSM A over IP Emulator.

To perform Bulk Call Generation, several UE/Subscriber configuration files are required. The UE/Subscriber configuration files can be created using regular Profile Editors (XML Based), using CSV based profiles, or using Auto Generation feature. MAPS™ GSM A over IP supports CSV based profiles, with which, it is possible to define up to 20,000 subscriber entries with unique called number, calling number, and other subscriber specific information. For massive UE simulation, it is recommended to use CSV option, with which MAPS™ access the UE related information directly from CSV files.

As in real-time scenario, MAPS™ GSM A over IP supports simulation of different types of calls such as Mobile Originated Voice calls, Mobile Originated SMS, Location Updates, and more. However, it is not easy to change and maintain the CSV based subscriber profiles for different type of call simulation. So, MAPS™ includes an option to configure the Ratio (%) of SMS Calls out of Total number of Calls, based on which MAPS™ will generate SMS with MO Voice calls.

All call handling scripts are assessed by MAPS™ GSM A over IP to provide statistical information. Corresponding graphs can be generated for monitoring signaling and traffic performance. Users can customize voice quality statistics parameters for RTP, which includes metrics such as Listening MOS, Conversational MOS, Packet Loss, Discarded Packets, Out of Sequence Packets, Duplicate Packets, Delay and Jitter.

These statistics are calculated and updated periodically on run time. Users can also customize scripts to create various types of graphs such as Pie graph, Line graph, Multi-Line graph, Bar graph, and Point graph to plot RTP statistical information. Report generation ability allows further to export call statistics in PDF and XML file formats.

Consolidated traffic profile allows simultaneous calls to be simulated with different traffic types. Supports M3UA termination type as IPSP for Point to Point associations, along with signalling gateway process (SGP), and application server process (ASP).”

Important Applications

-“MAPS™ 2G Wireless Lab Suite” can setup a virtual real-time 2G-GSM GPRS network
-Multi-protocol, Multi-interface Simulation
-Provides fault insertion, and erroneous call flows testing capability
-Performance testing, Load Testing, Functional testing, Regression testing and Conformance testing of network elements
-Ready scripts makes testing procedure simpler, less time consuming and hence time to market products
-Test response of network against protocol message modification, or corruption
-Inter-operability testing of networks
-Wrap-around testing (WAT)
-SMS Testing from within the Wireless Infrastructure using MAPS™

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