Three Simple Ways to Keep Pets Cool in the Summer Heat

Simple steps that pet owners can take to keep their pets safe and cool in the peak of the hot summer weather.

Austin, TX, July 27, 2017 --( Austin Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital announced today some simple steps that pet owners can take to keep their pets safe and cool in the hot summer weather.

Heatstrokes and heat-related illnesses in pets are very common in Central Texas as the peak summer season arrives. Fortunately, these instances are preventable. Don't let your dog (or cat) become a hot dog this summer. Please remember your pets can overheat quickly, and the results can be life-threatening.

Keep in mind that pets with certain conditions have an increased risk for heat stroke. Pets that are obese, have heart disease, laryngeal paralysis, seizures, or respiratory disease should be monitored very carefully when outside during the summer.

There are even certain breeds of dogs that are more susceptible to heat-related illness, such as Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs (or any other dog that is classified as a brachycephalic breed). These pets should only be in the direct sun for short periods of time unless water and shade are immediately available.

Environmental factors that create problems for overheating in domestic animals include the following:
- Lack of available water
- Confinement in a poorly ventilated area
- High humidity
- Exercise

It is important to understand that pet owners have the ability to control almost all of these factors.

Collapse, weakness, stumbling, heavy breathing, and/or a glassy-eyed appearance in your pet after outdoor activity during hot weather means immediate veterinary care is a must. Bring your pet to a cool and well-ventilated area and seek help from the nearest veterinary facility.

Help keep your pet safe by taking the following proactive measures:
1.) Limit outdoor time during the summer - This means shortening walks and runs or switching exercise time to the early morning hours or late in the evening
2.) Always ensure your pet has ventilation, shade, and water if outside during the heat of the day
3.) Never leave your pet unattended in the car

“You, the pet owner, have the power to prevent your pet from suffering from heat stress or heat stroke,” says Dr. Sarah Kneupper. “Take these proactive steps to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during the hot summer season.”

Dr. Kneupper shares helpful tips for pet care in a monthly column featured in the Oak Hill Gazette. The community is invited to take a tour of the hospital to meet the friendly staff, including Dr. Sarah. Please call (512) 288-1040 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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